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Thankful for my fellow adventurers
posted by John : November 27, 2014

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I can see it!

It was just another walk up the Twin Falls trail. It's still closed just past the benches, but there are indications progress is being made. (Flagging off the ridge looks a lot like a switchback that will bypass the slide.)

But it wasn't just another walk because it was Thanksgiving morning. It was just me, Clara, Treen, and the river. No surprise, nobody else was around.

I was thrilled to have Clara out for a hike. She'd spent the previous day on stage at McCaw Hall for her Nutcracker dress rehearsal. However, even ballet takes Thanksgiving off and she was willing to get up for an early morning hike.

The kids aside (I've pretty much brainwashed them into hiking with me), I've been really lucky to have so many great partners come hiking with me this year.

Amy's been on the trail more often this year than any other in the last few years.

TNAB's been as reliable as always, though there was a trip on which Treen and I comprised two thirds of TNAB. But that's the exception rather than the rule.

On the road I met up with folks from social media in Arizona and Nevada. On Mailbox, I hosted a visitor from the east coast.

I got to hike with a bunch of folks from Tubbs Snowshoes for National Trails Day and of course at the Romp to Stomp.

My most common (non-familial) hiking partner remains Eric, though he hasn't been out in a bit.

I always enjoy hiking with people over hiking alone so I'm thankful for all my partners this Thanksgiving and every time I step on the trail. Even the strangers I meet on the trail tend to be good people so when I head out by myself sometimes I make friends in spite of myself.

If you see me, or Treen or the kids, do say, "Hi." If you're having trouble recognizing us just look for the pink tutu. (The tutu is for the Romp to Stomp. Join us!)

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