It's been almost six months since we came back and still you haven't seen our pictures. You've begged to see them, but we turned you away. You promised all sorts of boons yet we said no. Finally, the pictures are here.

What took us so long? We've had other things going on. Yeah, we had the pictures sitting on our kitchen table the weekend after we returned, but we weren't here. After that it was pretty much a waiting game as I (John) tweaked the super-stellar design. (Hey, I'm an engineer, not a designer.)

But at long last it's ready for you to take a peek. No, you don't get to see them all. We shot 30 rolls and almost 100 digital picts. Would you really want to look through all those? I didn't think so.

Nope, you get to take a tour through our memories as we reminisce. I'll try to entertain you with a running commentary, but no guarantees. If you see stuff in italics it's a quote from our journal. We wrote in it almost every night even when we were... not quite sober.

When you see a hyperlink click it. They're usually pictures, but occasionally we'll throw in something that we think adds to the overall story. You can always get back to this page by clicking the "euromoosefish" at the top and from this page you can jump to the various countries we visited. Of course, most of the stories build on one another so we'd prefer if you read it in order.

The pictures are bigger than we normally throw at you on because, well, because big is better. If you've got a slow connection, sorry, but get a faster connection.

So there you go. Have fun.

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