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Rompin' and Stompin'
posted by John : February 8, 2014

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Not exactly Ambassadorial

Yup. I'm a Tubbs Snowshoe Ambassador. Clara's a Junior Ambassador. Ambassadors are requested and required to attend certain diplomatic functions such as the Tubbs Romp to Stomp Snowshoe Series.

But wait. That makes it sound like a chore. Remember that we were going to Romp to Stomps well before we were Ambassadorial. Heck, it was at our first Romp to Stomp at Snoqualmie Pass that I first became acquainted with Tubbs.

So truth be told, we'd have been at this event even if we weren't required to be here. Like in years past, various members of the family were suffering from flu so we didn't have a full contingent. It was only me and Clara.

We arrived at 7am. For those good at math and geography, you'll realize that meant I woke Clara at 4:30am. Although I regularly get up that early, she doesn't. Honestly, I hope she never has to learn that skill. She slept much of the way there.

It was 10F when we got out of the car. Luckily, hauling tents, chairs, tables, and swag kept us from getting cold. Even though we regularly refer to Clara as an ant (given her strength to size ratio) I'm always surprised by what she can actually do. I think the Tubbs folks were, too.

What didn't surprise me was her skill on snowshoes. While I run only when I'm being chased or when I've been foolish enough to sign up for a race the kids regularly chase each other when we're out in the snow. It was no wonder she took first place in the Little Romper Dash. It's open to anyone 12 and under so she has two more years of medaling. Maybe next year I'll try the 3Ků or not.

The actual Romp was just as much fun. Tons of pink and folks trying out snowshoes for the first time. Some were way overdressed even for 20F (it had warmed up since we got there) and stopped to shed layers. Others were experienced with their own gear.

At the turnaround, we spotted a little trail in the woods and hopped on it. The difference between snowshoeing down a groomed road and winding through single track in the woods is amazing. Although we could see the road just through the woods (easy with all the pink traversing it) we were on our own experiencing nature in a much more intimate way.

We won no prizes at the closing ceremony, likely because we had no bib numbers, but Clara did get called up on the stage to accept her medal for the Dash.

I actually had to drop a layer for the clean-up and the drive home. The latter was interrupted by an impromptu stop at Deception Falls, which was almost completely frozen and downright gorgeous. The roar of the water under the ice hid the sound of Highway 2 above us.

Once again, Clara was lucky and slept a bit on the drive home. I did my best not to. Whether we're ambassadors again next year or not, we'll be back.

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