No doubt you've heard us lamenting the fact that our good buddies Katherine and Paul were spending a year frolicking in far away lands. Ever since we came back from our European adventure we've discovered an itch that only foreign currency seems to be soothe. Oh, the inhumanity of reading all about their fun ( while we suffer through everyday life.

So we figured we'd join them. It was either that or they'd have to come home. Besides, what else are you supposed to do when you're eight months pregnant? (Yeah, I know, nest, work on the nursery, blah blah blah blah. This was way more fun.)

Since they were coming from Australia (bastards) we figured we'd meet up in Auckland. Getting there wasn't quite so easy for us. We didn't really have any troubles (aside from a round-the-airport tour in LAX and a bit of confusion between Air New Zealand and United Airlines), but 13 hours on a plane (LA to Auckland) is murder. Just imagine if you were pregnant and the doctor told you to walk around every hour and a half.

We left home at about 10am on the 14th and arrived at 8am on the 16th. How's that for a long journey? I got perhaps six hours of sleep, but Amy was a little less lucky and knocked back only a couple.

Our first stop was Auckland.