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The Curse of Kachess Ridge Trailhead (aka Easton Ridge)
posted by John : December 13, 2014

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You can hear her thinking

All good curse stories start with history. This tale is no different.

Back in 2010 we tried for a nightshoe up Para Point. Somewhere along the way we missed a turn and wound up somewhere near the top, but definitely not on the top.

In 2012, I dragged the kids part way up to the Kachess Beacon. It was a classic pushy dad fail, but I learned from it and we still had a good time at the waterfall at the trailhead.

Now I'm struggling through another snowless December. Since I rely on snow to make Mailbox less of a grind I've looked farther afield for destinations. When I hooked up with Micah from Twitter and needed a destination half way between us I immediately thought I'd be able to find snow and get the Para Point monkey off my back.

No such luck.

Even though the weather was great (clear skies, light wind) and neither of us turned out to be the axe murders predicted by our wives we somehow walked right by the sign marking the split in the trail. To the left was Para Point, Mt. Baldy, and the rest of the ridge we had our sights set on. To the right (where we went) was Easton Ridge.

In our defense, it was still pitch black and we were moving at a decent pace. In fact, I blame Treen who was leading at the time.

Regardless, the trail climbed Mailbox-style and we'd have wound up in Roslyn (home of Northern Exposure) had we not wondered why we were headed down. A quick look across Domerie Creek made it clear we were on the wrong ridge and we weren't getting on the right ridge this trip.

Dang dog.

Since we were so early we had a chance to chill out with hot cocoa, TurboPup bars, Tubbs snowshoes, and my brand new tutu.

Yes. You read that right. I wrote, "tutu." And it's pink. Handmade by Clara, Amy, and Nana.

Certainly, it can't escape your notice that I've been pushing hard on the breast cancer awareness front this year. It's been our family's cause for years, but this year it feels more personal than ever. Wearing a pink tutu on mountain tops is my way of burning the message into people's eyes so they can't turn away.

You can look at the pictures of me strutting my stuff or you can join Team Moosefish at the Romp to Stomp on February 7 at Stevens Pass in Washington and see it live and in person. If you dare!

Since it was just me and Micah and nobody else even remotely possibly on the trail I packed up the tutu, the thermos, the flask, and everything else to head down.

Even though we didn't get up Para Point or even one step higher than the last time I tried it was a good trip. I've always wondered what Easton Ridge was like (you can see it from I-90) and I enjoyed hiking with Micah.

I'm going to go back and get Para Point and probably the other peaks on the ridge at some point. If the snow holds off much longer it'll likely be this year. When I do, you might want to avert your eyes.

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