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Mailbox with Treen
posted by John : January 29, 2011

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Welcome to your new life

Imagine you're Treen. You come into life and you are treasured by two families. They raise you lovingly and you're happy. You get exercised and you get trained and you can do everything.

Then they send you off to school where you're not as happy, but you're learning. Lots.

Then you go back home. Life is good again. You get to spend a weekend with some crazy family in the woods, but they're ok and you go for a couple of short hikes. Then you're back home.

Another visit to the crazies? Sure. Why not? Except this time they call you by a different name and you don't get to go home. Perhaps worse, the king crazy wakes you up early in the morning, crams you into the front seat of a car, and you start on a little walk with a couple of other dogs.

Except this little walk doesn't end when the other little walks ended. This one keeps going. Through a little valley. Ok. Through a little climb. Ok. Through a dead zone. Blech. Through a green zone. Neat. Through another dead zone. Again? Into an open area where the light is enough you can see again.

The rain changes to snow and it's blowing sideways. Snow is supposed to fall lazily. It shouldn't hurt. There aren't any trees, but you still can't see anything because it's all clouds. And wind and snow.

When there's no more room to go up it's time to run around with the other dogs, one of who is intent on showing his manliness and the other insists she's the queen. Pictures and then down. Down. Down. King crazy falls in the woods because he's not used to having a dog on leash.

Back at home the bed is awfully comfy and the need to run around outside doesn't seem like it's quite as pressing.

Until the next day when it seems like it's time to go again. Except you don't get to. Hmph.

Just when Treen gets used to it all I bet it'll all change. Oh, well. What do you expect when you live with a bunch of crazies?

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