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Denny Creek Campground
posted by John : January 6, 2008

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Wee... snowshoeing

Grateful. You'd think they'd be grateful. If they weren't out getting snowed on and being asked to use new muscles and generally be older than they were they'd be sitting around at home being kids. CHA!

As you might surmise this wasn't a perfect snowshoe with the kids. Instead it was a reminder than they are four and two and that snowshoeing is hard work and they can't manage three miles even in the best of conditions.

It started off ok with snow falling at home while we packed up and headed out. We met Michelle, Daryl, Lex, and Jack at the freeway entrance and headed up toward the Pass. We started among a massive line of cars parked at the end of the road a couple of miles short of Franklin Falls. The idea was to snowshoe and pulk our way to the falls, enjoy their frozen glory, have lunch, and head home for naps. I had the Incredible Pulk and Daryl had a sled on a rope that worked about as well.

Right off the bat kids wanted to be in the pulks and then out and then back in. Of course, they couldn't get in and out themselves and the way the Incredible Pulk is put together I had to take off the harness every time they needed help. If they weren't riding they were snowshoeing, but too hot. Until I took off their hat and gloves and coat. Then they were too cold.

Are we there yet?

Although they really wanted to see the waterfall and promised they'd be good we detoured into Denny Creek Campground where we could just play without the pressure of a destination. It was actually kind of nice.

Hot chocolate revived everyone's spirits and I left the girls with Michelle and Daryl for a minute or two in order to visit the river. The water still flowed freely, but the rocks were covered with deep snow. Since it was down a couple of decent hills I burned off my bad mood on the way back up and played a bit myself, though I'm still not sure of the wisdom of snowballs with little kids around. (What if they finally figure out how to hurl one at me?)

With lunch done we wandered down a road toward the river. Clara and Lex broke trail while I pulled Jack in the Incredible Pulk when Daryl's sled just wouldn't do. (Daryl said it was because it kept tipping over, but I think it was the garish paint job.)

At the river we found a riverside trail that eventually took us back to the snowed-in road. Lilly was taking her time eating the snow and poking the snow and eating the snow some more. Michelle broke out her little bag of marshmallows, which helped a ton.

Getting back to the car was a bit of a relief, though we were still late getting home so Amy could take off for a massage. (Sort of.) Lesson of the day: Yeah, you can ratchet down the bindings on a pair of 16" snowshoes for a two year old, but don't expect her to be hardcore. Besides, why would you want her to be?

Totals: One LONG mile and about 100 feet of gain.

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