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Hazel Wolf Wetlands
posted by John : January 1, 2008

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Welcome to the Hazel Wolf Wetlands

Is it morning already? Ugh.

Football? Ugh. (The Huskies didn't quite make the cut this year, but next year we're going all the way!)

Sitting around? Ugh.

Let's go hiking!

What do you mean we didn't bring any gear? Ok, well, maybe we can cobble together enough to get out for a quick walk.

So a 10 minute drive from the Lyman's place we were at the Hazel Wolf Wetlands, which promised an easy, but interesting one mile loop around a marsh. Finding it was a little challenging and we were probably parked illegally in front of the mansions that line the street, but it was hiking and you gotta take some risks.

The trail was great. Just a little overgrown to give it a wild feel, but still easy to follow with no chance to get lost. Clara and Lilly tore off down the trail with Lex and Jack in hot pursuit. Daryl and I (and Henry on my back) brought up the rear.

The first stop was a cool overlook that gave a great view of the marsh itself. Lots of open water and a few ducks in the distance. We retreated from the wind to the relative calm of Ann's Walking Trail and crossed a boardwalk over the creek flowing into the marsh. On the far side of the marsh the woods were more mature and the trail rolled over little lumps and bumps next to the shore.

The big highlights were the bridge over the outflow complete with beaver dam, a few sightings of bufflehead ducks, and sticks. Lots of sticks. Sticks that looked like letters. Sticks for walking. Sticks for sticking other kids. Good times.

Just in time we were back where we had started and back in the cars heading for lunch. Clara was terribly sad that she lost the letter C stick, but she still had her special rock for Amy's collection so that made up for most of the stick.

It was a good trip and great for the kids to get out. It even helped with the headaches.

Totals: One mile and maybe, maybe 50 feet of gain.

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