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Lake Easton at night
posted by John : December 10, 2007

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Michelle wasn't able to make the Nightshoe BBQ later in the week so I figured I'd sacrifice and offer a trip earlier in the week. For the first time I purchased the groomed sticker for my Sno Park pass that allowed me to use a bunch of extra Sno Parks. One of those was Lake Easton near the town of... um... Easton. (Just over Snoqualmie Pass.)

The road was crazy icy, but we didn't have any issues. Someone else, though, did. Cops and tow trucks were working on pulling the leftovers of a crash out of the median. We got off the freeway and entered Lake Easton State Park.

But wait... did that sign say, "Park closes at dusk," because that would be lame. Well... let's check it out anyway.

At the Sno Park spot we saw another car parked and signs saying "winter camping" so I figure the park must be open or you couldn't camp. (You think that'd stand up in court?)

We found the snow was really hard and didn't bother to put on snowshoes, though we did carry them. The route is a combo ski and snowmobile area so it was easy walking.

I had originally thought to stick by the shoreline, but the woods were way thicker than I expected and I wasn't sure that if we were on the open area we wouldn't also be on ice. So we followed the road a little more and followed the ski trails that went pretty much where we wanted anyway.

The only tricky part was staying off the few ski tracks that were there. It's such bad form to trod upon ski tracks that we did our best to stay clear of them.

Finally at the Iron Horse we turned east and walked out toward the bridge over the Yakima... except that it's closed for the winter. Hmph. Apparently 12" of snow is too much for it so it was locked solid.

With no further trekking we decided to drink. Mmm... cocoa, Starbucks liqueur, and peppermint schnapps.

Unfortunately, the moon was nowhere to be seen and the stars weren't bright enough for photography. We did see a bunch of shooting stars, though.

The accident recovery was still going on when we headed home. The tow truck pulled out onto the freeway just ahead of us and we were hard pressed to determine what kind of vehicle it was. Perhaps a mini van or an SUV. Hopefully everybody inside was ok. We drove carefully and slowly the rest of the way home and arrived way earlier than usual for a nightshoe adventure. I actually got to go to bed before Amy was sound asleep. Sweet!

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