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Grandpa Jack and Clara's waterfall
posted by John : November 11, 2007

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We're going WHERE?

I had conned my father, Grandpa jack, that a hike with the girls would make his Sunday perfect. I knew that it would definitely make the girls happy and Amy would get some quiet time to quilt. (Amy gets so much "help" while trying to quilt she might as well not bother when the kids are home.)

Grandpa Jack showed up about 10am and we were quickly on the trail. Clara and Lilly were thrilled to be walking and showing Grandpa the way toward Clara's waterfall. There was a minor amount of shock when we stopped at the trail map just a few hundred feet up the trail, but Clara held Grandpa Jack's hand and we were able to continue.

We saw few people on the way up. Mostly they passed us as we were walking at Lilly's speed. Yeah... that's right. Lilly walked the whole way up to the waterfall. Yee ha! (That's about a mile and a half and 350 feet of gain.)

Since we were moving at Lilly's speed Clara had lots of time to spend with Grandpa Jack while we caught up. Clara was mesmerized by the compass built into Grandpa Jack's walking staff. She would look back and announce that we were going, "SOUTH!"

At the upper falls we sat for a second snack before heading back. On the bridge over the river a woman asked if the three kids were mine. "Yep."

"And he's mine!" said my father. Awww... he admitted it.

The girls decided they also wanted to ride on the way back, though I made Clara walk for bits to spare Grandpa Jack a bit. I should have made Lilly walk, too, though. By the time we were back at the house my shoulders were on fire.

It was all worth it, though. Clara and Lilly told Amy all about the hike, Henry slept on and off, and Amy got a bit of quilting in. All in just 3.4 miles and about 500 feet of gain.

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