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Fantastic Falls (Attempt #2)
posted by John : November 3, 2007

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You call this a trail?

Last week we started from the downstream side of Fantastic Falls and wound up looking down into the heavily wooded ravine with no views.

This week it was a smaller crew, just me, Lilly, Henry, and Tokul. We had to be back by 1pm so Lilly could go down for a nap so we started early... ish. I figure it was about 10am by the time we were passing through the Spur 10 gates in the Snoqualmie Tree Farm and only another 15 minutes later when we were at the end of an old logging road.

15 minutes after that Henry was changed and strapped on. The weather wasn't nearly as good as last weekend so we were all bundled up. We pushed our way through the first couple of brambles and found that the road opened up at least a little if not as much as I'd hoped.

In one of the more open areas Lilly declared she thought she heard the river and off we went. Happily, I took a vid of it so you can enjoy it, too. (Click here.)

About half a mile in there were a bunch of nasty trees down across the road, but a scratch of a trail heading down to the river. The "trail" quickly disappeared, but the way was mostly open if a little soft under foot. I slid a bit and Lilly did some one-armed levitating while Tokul got more and more amped as we neared the water. Eventually, she took off to play while we mucked our way down to the shore.

The river wasn't too special, but still seemed to be above Fantastic Falls. We sat for snack and threw a few rocks, but had to head out all too soon. I carried Lilly back up the hill to the road and then she rode my shoulders back to the truck. Unfortunately, her boots were full of sand from the river bank and shortly after climbing up so was Henry.

We raced home and walked through the garage door at 12:52. Only eight moments to be spared!

Total distance was about a mile and 50 feet of gain, but still loads of fun with Lilly's enthusiasm.

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