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Lilly turns two
posted by John : April 14, 2007

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Birthday bucket girl

Since Tokul's birthday at the end of March Lilly has been fascinated with the coming of her own birthday. For the past week she's been singing to herself. We dodged a bullet by not telling her it was actually her birthday on her actual birthday. (Yeah, we're bad parents. Blah blah blah.)

However, we did decide to throw a small dinner in her honor featuring a never-ending (as long as you like burritos) Mexican buffet. Mmm.... beany.

Lilly woke from her nap an hour or so before the party and began ramping up. Clara woke just a bit before the party and Molly, (the girls' cousin who'd been staying with us all week) was still asleep as people started arriving.

It didn't take long before there were little kids running around like crazy monkeys and adults well into their choice of margarita or Corona. (Oh yeah? You try a birthday party for two year olds without alcohol.)

Lilly was in great spirits for almost the entire party. Clara, too, was a pretty good girl given she wasn't the center of attention. The girls (and boys and adults) dug into the food with great abandon. In the garage, Tokul was clearly relishing the thoughts of all the droppings she'd get to clean up later. (Sadly for her, the cleanup crew was mighty thorough.)

Although we hadn't really planned it we decided to open gifts. We typically don't do this as it's always dicey to have one kid getting a bunch of stuff while a bunch of other kids look on passively. Happily, Lilly didn't object to help opening gifts. Although she was thrilled with everything she got she quickly moved on to the next exciting mystery package.

As the party wrapped up (ironic since it had just been all about unwrapping (HA!)) guests started leaving and Lilly was a bit despondent (to put it nicely) about not getting a goody bag of her own. (It was really the lack of a balloon even though she had a bundle of balloons just for her. Hmph.)

Once everyone had left our world settled down. The girls went to bed and we did a last little bit of cleanup. Tokul did find a couple of bits and pieces here and there so she was happy. The girls were so tired they slept until almost 9am the next morning, which was much appreciated.

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