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Deuter Ambassadors: The Moosefish Family
posted by John : July 26, 2015

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Get used to the D

We try different types of outdoor gear all the time. Sometimes I write about the good stuff to share what we've learned. When something is really good we're willing to represent the company as an Ambassador. I'm thrilled to announce our new relationship with Deuter Backpacks.

I've used Deuter gear in the past. We used a kid-carrier in the long-ago times when the kids were too little to put in the miles and I tested Deuter packs with WTA. I was always impressed with the way the packs fit and carried. I'm really excited to share these packs with the rest of the family and show fans of Deuter how we adventure in the Northwest.

In case you don't know, Deuter is a 117 year old company. They specialize in outdoor gear that gets you where you want to go, but without neglecting their corporate responsbility. Deuter is part of the Fair Wear Foundation, supports local and international aid projects, and practices environmentally sound business practices to reduce their impact. When we think about partnering with a company (in the outdoors or in "real" life) you know how important this is to us.

But enough of all that. What about the packs? Well, we'll start with the fact the kids are literally fighting over who gets to carry what. On their first outing, Lilly carried a Fox 30 (REI Amazon (read about affiliate links on and Henry carried the Climber (REI Amazon). I only pacified them by telling them they'd get to switch on the next trip.

Clara's still at ballet out of town so she hasn't seen the packs and to say she's annoyed is an understatement. (Of course, she's a genuine tween so she's often annoyed with me.)

Our first backcountry use of the new packs will be in a few weeks. We could say we're going to be "testing" the packs, but given they've been up the North Face of the Eiger, Nanga Parbat, and the kinds of peaks we'll never visit I don't think we're going to stress them too much.

We'll still get them out, though. So stay tuned for Moosefish/Deuter adventures to come. (You'll always be able to find them here as well as on the official Deuter blog, Twitter, and Instagram.)

Want more info? Visit the Deuter site to read the official Deuter history and check out the other Deuter ambassadors.

We have entered into an Ambassador agreement with Deuter and Deuter has provided us gear for our use. As with all our ambassador relationships, our opinions are ours and we only represent companies with quality products.

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