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What part of Leave No Trace is hard to understand?
posted by John : May 2, 2015

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I'm a happy dog

I try really hard not to rant about bad behavior. Well, at least not publicly. Instead, I try to practice what I think good behavior in hopes it will lead others to do the same.


However, on my last trip up Mailbox Peak I collected a full 20 liters of garbage from the summit. I found water bottles, food wrappers, empty beer cans, even a sock and a t-shirt. Over the years we've taken down a lot of trash from Mailbox (including some interesting things like a red thong (not the kind for your feet) and weed (yes legal, but not for leaving in a place kids could get it!)), but since the new trail has opened it seems the volume has gone way up.

I truly love that the new trail provides access for more people. I firmly believe that the future of the outdoors is dependent on increasing the numbers of people that appreciate it and will protect it. BUT, not at the cost of abusing the outdoors.

I know some people will say Mailbox is a disposable peak. Open it up and let it be trashed and save the true wilderness for people that will work for it. I don't agree with this. Places like Mailbox and Mt. Si are wonderful places (as much as I might gripe about them from time to time) and they provide a gateway to a love of the outdoors.

It is imperative people respect these places or when they move on to more fragile environments they will do damage that can't be fixed by a weekend warrior with a garbage bag and an empty backpack.

If you're new to adventuring learn the principles of Leave No Trace at and spread them to everyone you go out with. If you already know these principles, take a garbage bag with you and clean up after others that aren't aware of what they're doing.

I know I'm not perfect in my practices. I'll be working harder to improve. I hope you'll do the same.


(And yes, I know that these are pictures of Treen off-leash. We started at 6am. There was no one else on the trail. She was back on leash when everyone else woke up and started climbing.)

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