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This AdventureDad life is a lie
posted by John : January 23, 2015

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Mr. John

I'm so sorry. I've been lying to you.

Well, if not outright lying, I haven't been telling the whole truth. has been my venue to share the adventures our family has undertaken over the last few years. We hike, we snowshoe, we go backpacking. Heck, we live in the mountains at the end of a half mile dirt road where the local herd of elk is more likely to cause traffic delays than oncoming cars.

The stories I tell and the photos I post show us outside all the time, no matter the weather, having a great time. In 2014, we had 90 days of adventures.

But in truth, life isn't quite like that.

Start with the obvious. I work at least 10 hours a day at an office 35 miles from my mountain home. I sit at a computer nine floors above a busy street in a city surrounded by thousands and thousands of people. Sometimes I wear a tie. I always have to wear silly pants. Mrs. Moosefish also works about the same amount, though she doesn't have to wear a tie. (If she did, she'd probably look better than I do.)

The kids go to school. That means they have to go to sleep early and do homework. Previously, this wasn't a big deal, but with the oldest in middle school it's starting to have an impact and it's only going to get worse.

Between the three of them, we have at least one non-adventure activity scheduled every day except Sunday. Ballet, especially during performances, becomes a seven-day-a-week commitment. (And yeah, she's only 11 years old.) Tae Kwon Do is three days a week. Ice skating is once a week. Scouts is once a week.

Then there's the usual day-to-day life tasks that get in the way of adventure. The dishes, laundry, taking out the trash. It all has to get done. There's no doubt we'd be on the trail a lot more if we didn't have these responsibilities, but without clean dishes and clean clothes we'd be in a bad way.

There are no stories about the mundane parts of our life on the site. There are few stories about ballet, skating, or martial arts except where they leak into more traditional outdoor adventures.

Instead, the site (and Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Google+) portrays a fiction of our adventurous life. It looks like we do little other than find great trails, climb mountains, go fishing, and explore the world. As a result, I've seen comments from people like this.

Check this guys feed. Exactly how I want to live

Love this shot! Love your life!

Love the lifestyle you and your son live together.

I try to remind people that it's not all adventure and fun. What gets posted online is the highlight reel of our adventure lives.

Instead of looking at what's here (or anywhere else online) as a measure of what an adventurous life should be like it would be better to use our adventures as inspiration to get out there.

When I see posts I really like from other adventurers I try to look at them with an eye toward how I can do something similar. I won't likely be able to ever thru-hike the PCT now that I have a career and family, but I can squeeze out a week for a section of it. Maybe I can even get more than a week for the Wonderland Trail in Mount Rainier or the John Muir Trail in California.

The point of posts here is to help you get outside either by showing you specific places we've gone or giving you the gumption to find some places of your own.

Never compare your adventure life to what you see here or anywhere else online. We're all a bunch of liars or at best half-truth tellers. Figure out what you want your adventure life to be like and make it happen. Then tell the world so others will get out there, too.

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