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Mt. Defiance and TurboPup
posted by John : July 10, 2014

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Beargrass attack!

Treen loves Mt. Defiance. Let me count the ways.

  1. Hiking. Duh. She loves hiking.

  2. Mason Lake. Whether we follow the old trail or the new trail we always stop at Mason Lake. In addition to hiking, Treen loves swimming especially if someone has thrown something.

  3. Beargrass. Well, I think she does. It's hard to tell with a dog, but she always seems happy when we're in a sea of blooming beargrass. (By the way, did you know that this year there really is more beargrass than usual? It's on a seven year cycle and this year the conditions are perfect!)

  4. Friends. Most days Treen hangs out with us at home. That's all well and good, but she seems to really shine when she gets to play with other dogs. On TNAB there are almost always other dogs. Plus, Eric is there.

  5. Views, views, and more views. I know dogs probably don't care about the views, but she sure puts on a good show if she doesn't care.

  6. Snow. It might be the last snow she gets into until it starts falling again in October so Treen's making the most of it. Each and every patch of snow gets a hug from Treen. (Yes, it's weird.)

Of course, all this takes energy. Most of my bars have chocolate in them (especially the tasty ones) and carrying dog food requires a bowl. A while back I found TurboPup bars online. They're bars that are made specifically for dogs that promise to be suitable as meal replacements.

I think Treen likes the bacon flavored bars better than the peanut butter, but she's not terribly discerning. Regardless, she gladly consumed them and didn't protest too much as I shared little bits with the other dogs on the summit of Defiance.

Treen was accepted as an official brand ambassador so we'll be writing about our adventures fueled by TurboPup bars.

One thing I won't advise: tasting the bars yourself. They are made with human-quality ingredients, but not with human tastebuds in mind. As much as Treen is excited by the wrapper, the human subjects that tasted the bars weren't impressed. (Though one did say he'd had worse tasting human food.)

If you run into us on the trail ask for a taste and keep an eye out for Ambassador Treen's posts.

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