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posted by John : April 25-27, 2014

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Great night for a walk

Girls are nice and all. I mean, they smell good and look pretty. They bring love and tenderness into our lives. As long as you don't tell them I said, so, they're smarter than us.

But sometimes you just need some quality time with men. Just men. And maybe a female dog, but only male humans.

Luckily, Henry was ready to oblige. After a mostly male Mailbox with TNAB (a Malebox! HA! Get it?) on Thursday night we bid the girls adieu and headed into the woods. Just me and the boy. (And Treen.)

Our trail is still closed, but there's still plenty to do in the park. We explored Fern City and some of the unofficial spur trails. With nobody waiting for us at home, we lounged by the river and Treen got good and tired chasing sticks in the current.

Saturday was Tae Kwon Do in the morning and then we had a few hours to spend in the North while Clara was at a birthday party. Since Everett was close we zipped up to Gear Up Expo. Henry tried to send the climbing wall a couple of times, but he'll need a little more practice before he gets to ring the bell at the top. More than the wall, Henry was thrilled by the boats. Too bad we're not boat people.

Lilly and Clara both spent the night with friends so come Sunday morning it was just me and Henry again. We hooked up with Mr. Scott for Cedar Butte. At four miles and 1,000 feet it's a little more than Henry's used to, but once I told him the benchmark read "Cedar Butt" he was unstoppable. If ever there was a better way to motivate a young boy I'd like to know it. Henry led us down the secret trails (with a little guidance from Mr. Scott) and Treen found every mud hole there was.

Back at home we had to stop being all manly to fit in with polite society. Lucky for Henry, he got some good cuddle time with Amy. Henry seems to have had his need for MAN-TIME satisfied while still getting to be Amy's little boy. It must be nice to be six.

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