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Keeping Clam
posted by John : April 12-14, 2013

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Who knew there were clams in Moclips? Who knew there was a place called Moclips? Not us. But we found out.

Moclips is a... town, I guess. It has a little store and a couple of inns. Lots of rental properties and a big, big beach. When the tide goes out, you can go out on the beaches and... look around. For what? I'll tell you.

For tiny little holes in the sand. Dig, dig, dig and maybe you'll find a clam. And it's not casual digging. It's fast, frantic digging. And not just with shovels. Sometimes you use a gun

That was my specialty. I used the gun. I was Clambo. The Claminator. Clam Eastwood.

Except the "gun" was really just a tube. Push it in to the sand, plug the hole, and pull up. They kept saying, "Don't pull up with your back!" But I didn't need to worry about that. At least not for a few days.

So now I'm more like Clam Eastwood in one of his later films when he uses a walker.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. We clammed for two days with our guides/hosts. Lilly has a friend named Greg (yes, just a friend) who has a younger brother. Handy, since Lilly has a younger brother, too. (You remember Henry, right?) So Henry and James are friends, too. That left Clara, Amy, and me to find friends. Luckily, Greg and James have parents so we did ok on that front, too.

Of course, we also did a little hike. Along the beach and into the Fairy Forest. Pretty cool place, too. Lots of freaky trees and places for Treen to burn off some of her extra energy.

As we headed home with approximately 200 pounds of fresh razor clams in our trunk and a few buckets of ibuprofen coursing through my veins we came to the conclusion that clamming was fun.

I mean, think about it. You get to scan around for tiny holes and then attack that hole. When you've reached the limit of your tool, be it shovel or gun, you jam your arm into the dark abyss and claw at something named after a razor. How could that not be fun? Seriously?

And if that wasn't enough if you are successful you get to put the clam in your bag. And then clean it. And eat it. I guess. Ok, so that last part isn't so good. But the hunt was a blast. Even if the gun doesn't actually shoot anything.

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