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Pole dancing on Tinkham and Silver
posted by John : August 9, 2012

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Yuh huh!

Mouth still hurting from the dentist, I popped more painkillers and hit the road. Amy and the kids were already somewhere to the east setting up camp, but I had another day of work ahead of me so it was just me and Treen for TNAB.

We were early, Eric was late. We took off up the PCT toward Tinkham Peak. Treen ran out ahead at top speed. A whistle and she'd come tearing back. What a different dog than we got a year and a half ago. She was so reserved, so well trained. We broke her of that.

Right off the PCT, then left at the junction. It was hot so water on our heads felt good. I'll have to remember that. Silly to have forgotten.

The steep route up Tinkham runs the border of the watershed. At least if I got in trouble I could step into the forbidden land and "help" would soon be on the way. It'd probably be easier to just break down and buy a SPOT.

Ran into an even earlier group of TNAB coming down and waited while the rocks they knocked loose disappeared into the trees. Treen balked on some of the rocks, but figured it out and joined me on top.

Now we had to catch up with the others as they climbed down and then back up to Silver Peak. No problem. It was half downhill.

Fast, faster still. Slipping, slipping. Grab the tree. Pole's in my hand so just wrap my arm around the tree. Still slipping. My arm's sliding down the tree. The bark is not smooth. It's all the way up into my armpit. There's blood. There's nausea. Take a moment to chill. I'm ok. Onward.

We almost caught the other party before the summit, but instead joined them for a spectacular show of clouds flowing over the hills, sun turning everything golden. Eric showed up just before picture time, setting a new world's record for ascent of Silver Peak.

We descended into the clouds and darkness.

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