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Silver the hard way
posted by John : July 5, 2012

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Have a few rocks

First there wasn't enough snow, now there's too much and we're pushed off the scheduled TNAB to one of the alternates. Why is it an alternate? Because it's too long, too hard, or too lousy to be one of the first tier trips. <sigh>

Let's explore further.

First: It's long. Eight miles in total and most of that on the Annette Lake trail. It's a fine trail and all that, but it just goes and goes and goes.

Second: Where are we going? Just before the lake we're supposed to turn up the hill, fight through the brush, and emerge onto glorious slopes of easy-to-kick-steps-in snow.

Third: When there's no snow it's a stinking pile of loose rock.

Fourth: There's no snow in July.

Fifth: Bugs.

Sixth: When you finally gain the ridge you need to traverse through some sketchy terrain to the real summit.

Seventh: We were so slow we stopped at the ridge.

Eighth: The other side of the ridge still had snow and a very attractive bench.

Ninth: Did you really think we weren't going to have to go back down?

Tenth: Remember how I said it was long? Now do it in the dark when you're tired.

Ok, ok. 10 negative aspects. How about the positives?

First: The trail along the creek has some beautiful spots and it's very refreshing.

Second: The trail is so long it can't be steep.

Third: Bunchberry under the power lines. (Hmm... maybe power lines should be in the other list.)

Fourth: No crowds. Well, at least not after you've left the maintained trail.

Fifth: Blue skies. Not kind of blue, perfect blue.

Sixth: Lilies. Thousands of lilies.

Seventh: Views in every direction.

Eighth: The glissade! Oh, wait, no snow means no glissade. At least not a glissade you want to do.

So I guess when you do the math it's actually only a negative three. Maybe we'll do it earlier next year. If it were covered in snow it'd be a positive two. (Do you hear me TNAB? E-A-R-L-I-E-R.

Just sayin'.

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