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2011 Adventure Summary
posted by John : January 1, 2012

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Not broken (yet)

When 2010 ended I set goals that weren't about gain or miles, but about fun and hiking with the kids. Remember? Let's see how I did.

Mileage goal: None. (Check: 420 miles)

Elevation goal: 120,000 feet. (Check: 180,000 feet)

Days on trail goal: None. (Check: 93 days)

Days on trail with kids: 33% (Check: 36%)

Accomplished trip goals: Mt. Baker, overnights with each of the kids.

Failed trip goals: Glacier Peak; Mt. Si, Mt. Washington, and Mailbox Peak with Clara; Paradise with the kids.

So... pretty good, right? And most importantly, I didn't get all twisted up if I didn't get out for too long. Of course, that might have been because I did get out pretty frequently. But I didn't wind up climbing crappy trails (I'm talking about the Cable Line) just for gain. In general, I was far happier on trail. So I'm hoping to continue this trend in 2012. My goals will largely be the same, but I really need to get Glacier Peak this year or else my bucket gets kicked. (Plus, I need to finish this bucket list so I can start the next one.)

Really, though, the big news of the year was the adoption of Treen (technically "Sparkle Moosefish Treen") and the fact that Mailbox almost eclipsed Twin Falls as my most hiked trail. (Mailbox by itself accounted for almost a third of my total gain.)

Enough with the blah blah blah, right? How about some links to the best trips?

Gold Creek Pond with Paul, Katherine, Josie, Amy, Clara, Lilly, and Henry.

Gold Creek BBQ with Eric, Paula, and Clara.

Clara's birthday party at Twin Falls with Eric, Paula, Josie, Clara, and a cast of thousands of Clara's friends.

Iron Bear and Jester Mountains with Scott, Tom, Zeus, Athena, Jasper, and Treen.

West Bandera with TNAB and Treen.

Raven Ridge with Tom, Colleen, Jasper, Mazzy, and Treen.

Silver Falls with Amy, Clara, Lilly, Henry, Tokul, and Treen.

Mt. Baker with Scott and Tom.

Summit Lake Overnight with Daryl, Jack, Lilly, and Treen.

Sheep Lake Overnight with Rob, Ben, Henry, and Treen.

Sprite Lake Overnight with Eric, Paula, Clara, and Treen.

Fishing in Juneau, Flying over the Taku Glacier, and hiking the Mendenhall Glacier with Grandpa Jack, Uncle Tony, and Mary.

Mailbox Peak with Treen.

Mailbox Peak for the eclipse.

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