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Mailbox for the Solstice?
posted by John : June 21, 2011

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Ready for fun

Apparently, Summer is finally here. Behold, the commencement of heat complaints.

It was too hot. Oh, for the days of low 60s. Perfect for nice little walks like Mailbox. But, oh, no. It had to be 90 at least when we hit the trail at 5:30. Plus or minus 20 degrees. Standard margin of error, you know. Regardless, it was too hot.

Even the dogs were too hot, though they're not smart enough to understand that when you're that hot and breathing that heavy you should slow down. It's not like they passed out or anything, but up and down and up and down. They acted like it was a Spring hike. Almost like they were trying to set a new record up the hill.

Speaking of records, I didn't set one. But I did beat my last time by four minutes. I'm slowly creeping back down toward the sweet spot around 1:35. I only need to shave off 10 minutes or so. That's doable, right?

Scott and I were welcomed at the summit by Tom. The dogs, still not smart enough to sit down or roll in the snow, continued to run around and wreak havoc. Jasper was remarkably well behaved and even let Tom pet Treen. Next he'll be sharing his food. (Jasper, not Tom. Tom's a hoarder. He didn't even offer any of his Sour Patch Kids. Of course, I didn't offer up my M&Ms, but we're not talking about me.)

Eric, who started later than we did, showed up a little while later. We lounged for about half an hour during which it got remarkably cold for the first day of Summer. Not cool at all. Well, cool, actually. It would have been nice if we weren't soaked with sweat.

The run down was quick, only an hour and 11 minutes. We caught the sunset just before we lost all the views down the valley.

Totals are the same as always. 5.5 miles and 4,114 feet.

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