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Loser Ridge
posted by John : August 8, 2010

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No bears here

It's been a long time since the kids and I headed off the beaten path to explore the unexplored, conquer the unconquered, and experience the wilderness. Hmm... looks like it might be a bit longer. Loser Ridge ain't any of those things.

Beaten Path: You can drive to the top. We didn't, but only because I'm a coward when it comes to potentially bottoming out miles (and miles) from help.

Unexplored: Umm... I just said there was a road to the top. And if that wasn't enough there are beer cans everywhere.

Wilderness: Hardly.

Nonetheless, it was a good excursion. The truck did its job and got us to within a mile of the "summit." The sun was partially out and it wasn't raining. We all had bright colors so it was unlikely we'd be shot as bears or elk or rats or whatever's in season now. We picked up a ton of trash, but the kids thought it was just fun.

Most of the trash we found was that freaky twine used to bail hay. In a ton of different colors. I picked up the first scrap because it annoyed me. Then every other piece the kids insisted we pick up. I started tying it together because my pockets were full. The kids made me make tie-ins for them. Soon I had my own rope team (led by Tokul) heading up the slope.

At the top we had a great view of Lost Lake and there was some interesting portions of trees that hadn't been clearcut. Some classy folks had decorated a tree for Christmas (one ornament, a candy cane, some fishing line, and a couple of beer cans) so there was that. And bullet shells. Lots of those. (Yes, we came home with pockets of brass.)

We didn't stay long after eating our sandwiches and the way down was lots quicker than the way up. A deer crossed in front of us, but only I really saw it. Clara says she saw the end bits, but nobody else did. Oh, well.

About 10 potty breaks later we were on the freeway with a million others coming home from the weekend. Good times.

1.5 miles and 500 feet of gain.

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