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Fuller Mountain
posted by Tokul : April 1, 2010

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Fuller's benchmark

It's about time the night hiking season started. I've hardly been out at all in the last few months. Something about arthritis and woof woof woof. Seriously, I stopped listening a long time ago. About the only thing I can hear any more is the sweet sound of kibble in my bowl.

We started where the two big trails cross in the woods. It wasn't raining, so that was cool, and there was a big ditch full of muddy water that tasted soooo good. Right after most of us lightened our loads in the grass we started walking down the big trail to the smaller trail. I'm not a fan of the big trails. All the rocks hurt my feet. The small trail was really nice with soft moss underpaw.

At the creek Zeus and Athena went for swims, but I stayed on the log to cross. I don't think I've ever seen the water so high, though it wasn't really moving quickly. After the creek we climbed a little, crossed a wide grassy trail, and then back into the woods. Sadly, we were back on a big trail until we'd gone around a corner and then, finally, on the real trail.

I seriously felt like I was trying pull pull three times my weight up the mountain thanks to the stupid leash. All the other dogs were running around having a great time and I was stuck walking in line. Where's the fun in that? It wasn't even hard. He was panting by the time we got to the tree at the top, but I could have kept going forever.

We waited around for about 15 minutes before Zeus showed up. And then disappeared. And then reappeared. I think he was showing off. Athena arrived next and then Jasper.

I don't get Jasper. He seems like a nice guy, but the minute a treat comes out he's all barking and growling and nipping. Somebody ought to put him in his place. Oh, wait... Hoku did. (Hoku's one of the Aussie twins.) She put the smack down on Jasper when he tried to get all in her face. Well, she would have, but somebody pulled them apart. Lame. The mountain was just about to get interesting.

I kind of liked wandering around in the open woods with big ferns, but the consensus was that we ought to head over to the viewpoint (wee... views) so we did. Not much to see, but the young dogs went right up to the edge and looked over. Geez! Do they think they're cats or something? Remember, guys. We have exactly one life. Not nine. One. Make better choices.

After a while I got bored so we headed back down. No big surprises. The trail goes down. The log crossing the creek wasn't my favorite, but I did it. Kami decided to swim the creek, but couldn't find a way out. I'm pretty sure she didn't wind up trapped there, but sometimes I can't tell the difference between her and Hoku.

Soon after crossing the creek we were back on the big rocky trail and it sucked as much as before. Plus it was almost dark. Athena took one last dip in the mud pit before we headed out. That lady has class.

The whole trip took about 15 hours. Not too shabby for someone who just turned 70, huh? I didn't feel too bad afterward so maybe I'll go on another this year. Or maybe I'll just curl up on my pillow by the fire.

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