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Hancock wanderings, the sequel
posted by John : May 30, 2009

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It ain't all trillium and bunchberry

Last weekend the kids and I made a very short attempt to get to the fabled Cascade Lookout. We didn't get very far thanks to a big slide covering the road.

Luckily, there's another way to get to the same spot. Just like our last trip, I got the kids out of the house and flying up the Hancock roads with little trouble. We stayed straight where we turned left last time and climbed up roads that look to have been used pretty recently. Some of the clearcuts were very fresh and the roads looked like they'd had work done on them before the snows closed them down.

Of course, the snow wasn't completely gone. Well short of where I thought we'd have to get out of the car there was a solid foot of slick snow covering the road. Tokul explored around a bit while I got the kids geared up. I think I had more trouble keeping my feet than the girls once we were on the snow. They used their poles like pros while I slid around without my poles and with Henry on my back.

The snow was only on the road, of course, but the terrain in the trees or the clearcut would have been much more difficult to walk on.

Our goal was the site of the Cascade Lookout. In theory, it'd have views all around, but it was pretty clear that with snow stopping our drive early and the slow progress we were making that it wasn't going to happen. Instead, we took the next spur road and found a spot with great views to eat lunch.

(It's a good thing we didn't get to the lookout's site. It turns out it collapsed some time in 2008. Doh!)

The girls started throwing snowballs so I figured I'd get some pics. I underestimated Clara's throwing arm and got a snowball in the face. Then one from Lilly. Henry was still unable to hit me unless he was at my feet, but I'm sure he'll develop the same kind of arm as his sisters and then I'll really be in trouble.

The drive down was easy as usual and we got back home just in time for naps.

Total was 1.3 miles and 400 feet of gain. Yay girls!

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