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Fantastic Falls (again)
posted by John : October 4, 2008

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The end of Dry

Rain, rain, go away... please? Pretty please? Well, thpth on you, then. We're going hiking anyway and we have friends who will go with us, too.

Dan, Isabella, and Ethan met us at the trailhead in the pouring rain. To be honest, it wasn't raining when we left the house. I'm not sure we would have followed through on the idea of the hike had it been raining so hard at home or if Dan and company weren't going with us. But there we were and it was time to cruise.

This was the same trail that Lilly and I had explored a few weeks earlier looking for Fantastic Falls. On that trip we wound up just downstream of the falls without a good view.

However, this trip wasn't supposed to be about getting back to the waterfall. We were just supposed to follow the same primary trail and then turn left instead of right to head upstream to where the river was accessible.

We did turn upstream, but the nice, wide trail quickly devolved into an overgrown, slumping nasty route. The rain-laden brush along the sides made it even worse so we turned back to explore a side trail that dropped down the hill. Imagine my surprise when we wound up all of about 20 yards upstream from where Lilly and I had stopped last time. As a bonus, we had a great view of the waterfall.

We ate lunch in the rain and looked at the waterfall in the rain and took pictures in the rain and then decided we'd had enough of the rain and headed back... in the rain.

If it was possible, the rain fell heavier and the wind blew harder as we got closer to the cars. As we were stripping in the back of the truck a few small branches fell and I realized that summer really is over. I guess it's time I start planning Fall hikes, huh?

Total: About the same as last time. 1.3 miles and 300 feet of gain.

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