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Rainy Creek Pool
posted by John : August 16, 2008

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Gateway to the Middle Fork

Rainy Creek Pool isn't an epic trip. It's not unknown and it's not even a new destination. (Last time I was there Clara was only four months old.) However, it was an easy trail to a known spot and given the forecast for freakishly high temperatures today it was a winner.

We didn't get on the trail until about noon after Henry's morning nap. It was 71F when we left the house and 82F when we got to the trailhead. Another bonus of the trail was the shade afforded by the thick trees and the steep cliffs. It certainly didn't feel 82F.

It's only about half a mile to the pool, but with the girls (actually, mostly Lilly) it was slow going. We found lots of rocks and sticks along the way. A decent blowdown complicates the early part of the trail, but they managed it better than i did with Henry on my back.

At the pool (a weird little depression that gets water through the bank, but has no current to speak of) we changed into swimwear and had lunch. Henry tried to stick to a diet of rocks and sand, but I think he got some cheese and fruit in there, too.

Although the pool has some deep spots there's a sand bar in the middle that is only a couple of inches deep. We wandered around and threw rocks and generally had a good time. On the way back to shore Lilly stepped off the drop off and went all the way under water, but bobbed back to the surface without much panic and I pulled her out. Looks like those swim lessons are paying off.

We stayed for about an hour and a half mostly because we had shade, sun, and the cool water. Of course, that meant that we were pushing Henry's afternoon nap so when he really started to crank out we headed back. When we returned to the trailhead the thermometer read 92F. Blech.

At home Amy was feeling a bit better, though she was taking it easy and had already admitted to herself that she wasn't likely to go walking on Sunday, either. Her spirits were lifted by the rocks we brought home (a family tradition) and the bouquet of daisies the girls picked. They were pretty droopy, but plopped into a vase they actually perked up and look quite lovely.

Totals: Maybe a mile round trip, but no gain. Clara said she wanted to go back so the stats appear to be superfluous.

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