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Winter miracles: Hoar frost, ice circles in the river, and siblings having fun together
January 8, 2017
Wait a minute... does this headline imply the kids got along for an afternoon? I'm not sure I believe it. full story and photos

On Mailbox Peak sometimes it's just best to run away
January 8, 2017
When the mountain doesn't invite you to the summit party it's best not to crash. full story and photos

Cold, tired, hung over, and the value of getting outside anyway
January 2, 2017
Mt. Washington is a pretty safe destination when avalanche conditions aren't great or you're maybe a little under the weather after New Year's. full story and photos

Who said you can't have a beach party in the snow?
January 1, 2017
How better to celebrate the New Year than by snowshoeing into a lake at night and roasting some 'smores? full story and photos

2016 Adventure Summary
December 31, 2016
2016 wasn't that bad a year... from an adventuring standpoint. full story and photos

If you find yourself in Indiana make sure you find yourself UNDER Indiana
December 27, 2016
A speleological adventure in a new state is even better when you have a private tour and BACON! full story and photos

19 quotes about government you need to read from William Howard Taft, our 27th President
December 26, 2016
From "A government is for the benefit of all the people," to "Donuts are not vitamins, donuts are not..." you'll find something that resonates. full story and photos

Hanging in Appalachia: Hocking Hills State Park
December 21, 2016
We thought we were going to the hills, but we stumbled into the Appalachian Mountains! full story and photos

Hopewell Culture National Historical Park
December 21, 2016
Why is the National Park Service important? To preserve places like this. full story and photos

Back to the Nordic Pass Trail for snowshoeing: At night
December 15, 2016
If you thought the deep snow and quiet solitude of the Nordic Pass Trail was great during the day imagine what's it's like at night. full story and photos

Mt. Si is way more fun in the snow
December 11, 2016
But of course, everything is more fun in the snow. full story and photos

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