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The Nutcracker, Act II
posted by John : December 16, 2007

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He's crazy!

Last year Grandpa Jack treated us to the Nutcracker. Well, at least Clara, Amy, and me. Lilly stayed home.

A little over a year later we went back for an encore. Lilly stayed at NanaPapa's again, though this time she was partnered with Henry. Although we assured her she'd get to go next year when she was three she was none too pleased when we headed off dressed all fancy-like. Clara, however, was thrilled to get into Grandpa Jack's truck. Amy was, too, because she got to play with the navigation system.

At McCaw Hall Clara was much more collected than last year. She posed with Grandpa Jack and didn't fuss when we headed off to the pre-performance bathroom. Inside, Clara sat between Amy and Grandpa Jack and focused on the story she was about to see. (Huh? There's a story? Who knew?)

When the lights went down and the curtain went up Clara's jaw dropped down. She rested her head in her hands which in turn rested on her knees via her elbows. (I could probably continue this leading eventually to the booster cushion and then the chair and the floor and some form of structural support, but that would just be silly.)

At intermission Clara spun through the crowd while Grandpa Jack and I stood in line for mouse cookies. Tip for next year: Pre-order and just pick it up. That way you won't have to wait in line for the entire intermission.

After rapid consumption of mouse bits we returned for the second bit, which I always felt was less interesting than the first bit. This time, though, I kept looking over at Clara who was more and more fascinated by each act that came out. She peaked right about the time they all came back for the big finale. If she knew about a standing ovation she'd have given one.

There was much dancing and twirling in the emptying hallways. And next year there will be one more little set of feet doing the twirling.

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