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White Christmas North Bend style
posted by John : December 12, 2007

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Best theatre ever

Way back when the North Bend Theater announced they'd be having a Christmas Classics series we were shocked White Christmas wasn't in the lineup. With the help of Moosefish readers everywhere the theater owners changed their minds and scheduled some time for our favorite Christmas movie.

My fear was that we'd show up and be the only ones there and responsible for costing the theater however much it cost. However, when we arrived on Wednesday night it was packed! (Ok, so not packed, but still a pretty good turnout.)

Talking with the owner, Cindy, she said that the two previous showings that day had been pretty good, too, at least as far as 10am and 1pm showings go on a weekday.

We sat toward the back figuring our girls would be a little unsettled throughout. Jenn brought Bella as well, so along with Nana and Papa we took up an entire row.

The girls couldn't stay in their seats and since they were dressed in their official Sisters outfits who could blame them? They danced in the aisle and impressed the few folks behind us with their skillz mimicking the Haines sisters on the screen.

They buzzed all the way home and had a hard time sleeping. Big surprise.

It also shouldn't be much of a surprise that we returned to the theater on Saturday morning for a 10am showing. This time the theater really wasn't packed. In fact, when we walked in there were just the three of us. I was thrilled to think I wouldn't have to control the kids, but then four young women showed up and I tried to tone the girls down to no avail.

When the power went off it was revealed three of the women were big fans, too. They commented on Clara's dancing and when the movie started up again they made the operators back it up to ensure their friend who hadn't seen it before didn't miss the end of the Minstrel number.

So add two more viewings that should probably count for more than just two to the total. Even though we're not keeping track quite as religiously as last year I think we're likely to break the record of 24 viewings between Thanksgiving and New Years. (The density hasn't been as great, but we had an extra week thanks to an early Thanksgiving.)

With luck, Henry will be ready to participate next year. With even more luck he won't be in the role of Benny Haines (aka Freckle-Face Haynes, the dog-faced boy).

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