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The big snow
posted by John : December 2, 2007

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Why do we need breakfast?

Sweet goodness! I mean, wow. Nice snow!

Sure, we knew it was forecast to snow a lot and we saw it piling up before it got dark. Heck, I even wandered around in it after it was dark, but when we woke and saw there was over a foot we were really, really happy.

The girls were itching to get out in it. They wanted nothing to do with breakfast. They didn't even want to wait for Amy to get up. I, however, needed coffee so they got to stare at bagels and yogurt for a while so I could caffeinate.

When we did head out our primary goal was to get our Christmas photo shot. We had actually planned to head to Snoqualmie Pass to try for the picture, but with all the snow down here we didn't bother. (Not that we could have made it to the Pass anyway...) Once the picture was done I strapped snowshoes on to the girls and let them loose.

Predictably, Lilly did a few face plants. She was wearing Clara's old bear paw snowshoes and fared no better than Clara had for the last two seasons. Clara, on the other hand... er foot, had a fancy pair of Atlas JRs that I convinced her were just like mine and Amy's. She was a genuine skilled snowshoer once she had the right gear. It makes me want to go out and buy another pair so Lilly can do as well.

Unfortunately, the weather was getting warmer, which made the snow on the ground wet and heavy. We still had occasional flurries from the clouds above, but also a bit of rain. And the wind was kicking up. And the branches were starting to fall. Great... Time to build a snowman!

Clara and Lilly were more interested in the decorating than the building so I rolled up a couple of body parts while Amy watched from inside with Henry. Tokul bounded about the yard as though snow were the canine equivalent of catnip. The girls held the hat and scarf Amy had given for the cause and a bowl of cranberries and carrots. Everything turned out great except the poor snowman fell over due to faulty construction techniques. (Next time I'm driving a stake through his spine. That'll learn him.)

We tried heading up to the park so Clara could walk a bit more in her snowshoes, but the heavy snow made it a little too hard. As we were at the end of the driveway a huge branch snapped off the maple by the house. I couldn't tell if it would hit the roof of the house, the roof of the garage, or the cars. Luckily it bashed the garage, but didn't do any real damage.

Back inside we warmed up and watched the rain increase in volume. Floods were being reported elsewhere, but our river was well below dangerous levels. It would have been nice had it lasted a little longer, but even just a day of snow was great fun.

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