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Salmon Days
posted by John : October 7, 2007

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The wheels on the bus

In Issaquah by 10am... on a Sunday? Are you kidding? Well, sort of. We wound up getting to the Highlands Park and Ride a few minutes late. The folks we were there to meet were already headed down the hill on one of the many school buses shuttling people into the heart of Issaquah. Dang.

Oh, well. We'd all wind up in the same place right?

We looked at a family with three slightly older kids jealously as they all climbed on to the bus by themselves. Amy had Henry under one arm and was guiding Lilly up the steps of the bus with the other. Clara had no problem, but I had to hold the stroller above my head as I made my way down the narrow aisle.

Clara and Lilly really enjoyed the bus ride. So much so that we considered calling it a day after the five minute ride to Salmon Days. How could it get better?

We found our fellow Salmon Days enthusiasts by cell phone and found that actually they didn't wind up in the same place even though they had taken the same bus route. They were at the other end of the festival.

At least it wasn't raining. In fact, it didn't rain the entire time we were there except the last few minutes before we got back on the bus to head home.

In between arrival and departure we toured through the million or so booths looking at stuff, but not buying anything. Amy scored an elephant ear, one of her favorite evil foods, and the girls won me an REI 15% off coupon. Don't think Amy didn't win, too, though. At the Costco booth she won a roll of toilet paper. SWEET!

Lunch with the girls is almost always an adventure and this was no different. They split a corndog and made a perfect pair. Clara was very fond of the corny bit on the outside while Lilly was much more about the hot dog inside. Both really dug into the curly fries that came as a bale, though Lilly put on the best show as she tried to figure out how to eat a greasy strand of potato almost a food long.

We wrapped it all up with a romp through the "Fun Field" (or something like that), which wasn't really all that fun. It was, however, a mud pit and Lilly got up close and personal with it, but managed, for once, to keep her face out of it.

As we got onto the bus it started raining and then kept raining and raining and raining. If there were any doubts about it there are none now. It really is Fall.

I'm sure if you asked the girls about the day they'd identify the highlights as the bus ride in and the bus ride out. And some other stuff in the middle. My guess is they'll think of school the same way in a few years.

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