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The South 47 Farm
posted by Amy : September 20, 2007

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Lilly Lilly

FALL IS HERE! What a better way to celebrate the coming harvest than to head to a local farm. The South 47th Farm (located in the valley between Woodinville and Redmond) has a 'Farm Tots' program where kids can go to learn about local crops and organic gardening. The Irvines and Lymans have been there numerous times but this was the first time that I felt adventurous enough to try this with three kiddos! Since the Irvines had school, we went with the Lymans and Coughrans.

This was a weather based outing and I was getting nervous as we passed through a couple of squalls driving out there. But the weather held and it was one of those strange days that switched from dark clouds to partly sunny, a traditionally Seattle-like day. When we first got there the main attraction was the goats. Obviously, my children do not see enough domesticated animals since I got the "Mommy why are they in a fence?"

We proceeded into the greenhouse/tent that was filled with about a dozen green plastic picnic tables. The Farm Tots program consists of a craft (note the tissue-paper flowers), a lesson from the 'Farmer' (this week it was seeds) and picking the crop of the week (this week it was tomatoes).

After the brief lesson, song, and time playing with their bins of seeds we headed out to explore the farm. The kids ran through the fields of flowers, stuck their heads in the cut-outs of flowers/scarecrows, fed the goats, rode the hay-bale horses and generally wore themselves out (except Henry who enjoyed his first trip to the farm with his eyes closed in the front pack). We headed out to the field and picked a pint of cherry tomatoes (Clara practiced the "two for me one for the container" picking model she learned up from her father while berry picking) and then two dahlias. The best part of the day was the tractor-pulled hay ride where we were able to see a hawk near the corn field.

Before leaving we ate a sack lunch in their picnic area and fed the goats one last time and cleaned up in the car before heading home. Mommy was rewarded with naps all around. Maybe we should go to the farm more often...

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