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Visits from afar
posted by John : June 9-11, 2007

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Ah... cousin

Even though we were out of the house almost as much as we were in it the last week was at least quiet when we were home. Needless to say, it couldn't possibly last. For one thing, it was getting boring. The girls were bouncing off the walls (more than usual) and even running them up Rattlesnake Ledge didn't do that much to bleed them of energy.

Auntie Nicole, Uncle Boppi, and Molly were on another trip to check out jobs and extended the trip to come visit Henry. Like our girls, Molly was fascinated by Henry. Nicole and Martin (Uncle Boppi's real name) loved meeting their new nephew, but declared that if we had any more kids they wouldn't take them in when we get hit by a bus.

Molly is three and pretty close to perfectly splitting the age between Clara and Lilly. It was cool to flash back a year from Clara and forward a year from Lilly and see how Molly is growing up. Of course, having three kids all wanting to play with the same toys and do the same things and kiss the same little boy made things a bit tense from time to time, but it was all good.

Two days flashed by amazingly quickly and they had to leave. However, no sooner had they left than Grandma Joan and Babci (formerly Great Grandma Kowal) arrived. Babci lives outside Boston and we haven't seen her since May of last year. She has a special place in her heart for Lilly who was just finding her feet when we were last back east and loved seeing her and Clara again. Of course, the big thrill was meeting Henry and my sister's triplets born a few months ago.

After a few minutes of shyness by the girls they resumed bouncing off the walls and by the time dinner was done they were dancing and hugging all around... just in time for the grandmothers to head to the airport for their early morning departure.

The girls crashed hard after three days of visits and need to recuperate quickly. The next round will start soon.

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