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Man about town
posted by John : June 4, 2007

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Dang! This seat is huge!

Another rough night, but one when the girls slept late. Woo hoo! Our goal was for Amy to rest throughout the day and stay as horizontal as possible. A full day at home yesterday had taken its toll.

Unfortunately, we made the mistake of calling the doctor about what kind of looked like blood in Henry's diaper. We couldn't think it could be anything else even though it looked more like copper powder. (I thought maybe the liquid copper was his blood being an alien and all that. It would explain so much.)

We got everybody packed up after a Herculean effort. For the first time we had all five of us in the truck and realized that although technically possible a larger car (but not a minivan) might be awfully handy. We dropped the girls at Michelle's house for play and a nap and then headed to the doc.

A little early (go figure) we stopped at Starbucks for "lunch." It seemed right to start him down the caffeine road early even if he only got it through skin contact with me.

At the doctor's office we found that the stuff in his diaper was a crystal that indicated he was a little dehydrated. Turns out Henry's not quite up to the task of drinking enough so we're now giving the same stuff to him, but in a bottle. (If you can't figure it out, don't ask.)

However, his yellowish cast was enough of a concern to draw a touch more blood for another billiruben test and the results (delivered a few hours later) indicated he was right on the threshold of getting a therapeutic light for treatment at home. We go back tomorrow to see if he's getting worse or better. (Although a tanning booth at home would be mighty handy I think I'd rather he get better on his own.)

We returned to Michelle's house and after paying for Michelle's impromptu babysitting with some quality Henry-time we headed home. We're all trying for an early night tonight to try to get ahead in sleep. Wish us luck.

(And if you're thinking this is a ton of nonsensical minutiae you have no interest in reading... why are you reading it?)

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