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Henry Oliver
posted by John : June 1, 2007 - 6:28pm

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Hello, Henry

Disclaimer: If you are a bit on the squeamish side you migh want to just look at the photos and skip the story.

Flash back a couple of weeks to one of Amy's appointments with her midwife, Peggy. Peggy estimated the size of Bob (Henry's pre-birth name), at 7.5 pounds. Let's see... if he's adding a half pound per week he'd be about 8.5 or 9.0 pounds by Amy's due date. Let's just say that wasn't a preferable option, but scheduling induction was.

June 1, 7am... if there was room at the inn, so to speak. Being a full moon and all we didn't actually expect to get in, but surprise surprise surprise, they invited us down to a nearly empty labor and delivery ward when we called.

We left the girls and Tokul with Amy's parents and were whisked into a room at Overlake by Martha, a nurse and mother of one of Amy's students. Inducement is a long process involving many injections and such. I tried not to pay too much attention to that part. Instead, I made Amy walk the hallways. We passed the time by working out how far around each lap was. If this was a hike there'd be a section at the bottom discussing total distance and elevation gain. (1.8 miles and no gain.) Amy's final drugs were administered around 3pm and by 5pm she was in the last stages of labor.

Or so we thought. In fact it was another hour of hard labor before Amy and Bob needed a break. Peggy added the threat of the vacuum and in less than half an hour Henry was out. I cut the cord, gave Amy a quick kiss, and followed Henry across the room to get cleaned up. (We had planned to have me "catch" Henry as I had Lilly, but the whole vacuum thing nixed that idea. Good decision, too. I don't think I have the strength to pull like Peggy did.)

His stats are a little bigger than the girls, but not by much. He was born at 6:28pm weighing eight pounds, one ounce and measuring 20.25 inches. Most important, his head was a whopping 14.25 inches around. Sorry, Amy.

After getting the baby out we were to move from the Labor and Delivery side of the house to the Mother Baby Unit across the hallway. However, before we got booted Nana and Papa brought the girls to meet their brother. Lilly walked in the same way Clara had two years ago. She was a bit uncertain and much more interested in Amy than anybody else.

Clara, on the other hand, said, "Hi," to Amy and smiled at me before heading straight to Henry lying under the heat lamps like an old hamburger, but without the wrapping. I picked her up and asked her who it was. She said, "Bob." I told her it wasn't Bob any longer, but instead we should call him Henry. Since I had whispered it to her she whispered it back to me and tried to whisper it to Nana and Papa who were anxiously waiting to hear the name. A few prompts and she said it loudly enough to be clearly understood.

Even though Lilly was initially a little tentative she warmed up to Henry quickly and was soon poking at him and touching his hair. Our visitors stayed for about half an hour before we kicked them out so the girls could get some sleep.

We moved without incident into the MBU and settled in all the while expecting Henry to bust out his lungs and start wailing, but he remained quiet. Even when getting shots he really didn't complain much and was pretty mellow all night long.

Amy's sore, but generally doing well. She's way better than after Clara and right around where she was when Lilly was born.

I'm still getting the hang of wiping around boy parts and the challenges that come with directed streams. I get to stay home until June 18.

The girls arrived after breakfast to visit their baby brother. Both stood on chairs to peer in to the cart where Henry was sleeping. Both are in love with him and can't wait to play with him at home. We just need to remind them to be gentle and that he might not appreciate wearing a dress forever.

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