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posted by John : April 8, 2007

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Little ladies

When I first saw the girls after returning from a week in San Diego I was the sole object of their affection. That lasted all of about 10 minutes and then they remembered that on Saturday their cousin, Molly, was visiting and for the next week she'd be staying with us.

The week began on Sunday and Easter Sunday to be specific. We actually managed to get out of the house spot on time and to church in Kirkland with time to make a couple of trips to the potty before the service started. We learned a couple of incredibly important lessons:

* Lilly can spend an entire hour taking a single dollar bill out of a purse and putting it back in.

* The corner we were sitting in acts like an amplifier so everything we said or the girls said was broadcast to the entire congregation.

* Don't even think of trying to get the girls to put their dollar bills into the collection plate. Best just to fork up a couple of extra $20s.

For the first time all three girls managed to sit through the entire service. Of course, we were so busy trying to keep them entertained and quiet we might as well have been somewhere else, but perhaps a little bit of goodness seeped into them.

Afterwards we returned to NanaPapa's for an egg hunt during which Clara had to be restrained lest she get all the eggs and Lilly had to be shown where to look. After we'd emptied the goodies into their baskets (read: Ziplock baggies) they delighted in having me rehide the eggs so they could look again. When I finally put an end to that game they started hiding them for themselves and yet somehow couldn't find some of them.

We had lunch even though everyone called it dinner (Is it the middle of the day? Lunch. End of story.) and put the girls down. (At least we put them into their rooms. There was very little sleeping going on.

When they woke we headed to the little neighborhood park with two trikes and a bike, none of which were actually ridden for more than a few feet. When we got to the slides and swings it started raining. I made the mistake of joking that Lilly was "swinging in the rain" and she latched on to it and sang bits from the movie the whole way home.

Dinner (lunch?) was ham sandwiches, of course, and little girls running around like crazy monkeys. Seeing the chaos they wrought properly set our expectations for the week ahead when Molly would be staying with us. It left us so drained we excused ourselves early and headed home. The girls crashed out in the car, of course, but got a good bit of rest to prepare for the week of insanity that lay ahead. Even though Amy and I had done little other than lounge around and respond to the occasional shriek we weren't far behind.

It'll be a miracle if we make it through the next week to say nothing of the impending arrival of the Bob.

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