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Portland for Sierra's birthday
posted by John : March 9-11, 2007

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Birthday princesses

Once again we got the girls into their jammies and headed south to Portland. We've tried this from time to time with a variety of results. Sometimes we've slept late, but more often we've had sleeping issues. The worst was in February 2006 when Lilly just wouldn't sleep. This time the girls slept most of the way down, though Lilly woke and cried off and on for the last half an hour.

We rolled up to Grams and Gramps just before midnight. They were still up even though we had told them to go to bed for at least a little while. We did a quick unpack and crashed out. Amy and Lilly slept in one room while Clara and I slept in the living room.

Unfortunatley, Lilly woke up all the way and kept Amy up until she put her head under a pillow. (Amy put her own head under the pillow. Take your finger off the CPS quick-dial on the phone, please.) Clara did ok, but kept kicking me.

I got up at 5:30am to go for a hike on the flanks of Mt. Hood to a place called the Cooper Spur shelter. I was supposed to be back by dinner time so we could go to Goggi's, but of course ran late. In the end I had reheated KFC.

Amy spent the day shopping and chasing the monkeys. I was terribly impressed when she revealed that she bought Clara's birthday gift (a bicycle, but ssh, don't tell her) while Clara was in the car. Grams distracted the girls while Amy loaded the bike and covered it with sheets. Is she sneaky or what?

After I got home I was hammered and was basically asleep on my feet. I remember very little of the evening.

Lilly slept better Saturday night, but Clara was still Little Miss Kicky-kick. Hmph. We headed off to the Portland Children's Museum for cousin Sierra's third birthday. As you might expect it was total chaos. The bummer was that the girls really didn't get to play with Sierra or even really see her that much. The museum is a big place and there were plenty of kids not associated with the party running around. We did get to see a bunch of the relatives, though, so that was cool.

After the party we headed over to Goggi's place where Goggi, Nana, and Aunt Rose had just finished lunch. We played for a few hours letting the girls and Goggi play together. As usual, Clara got all dressed up in a princess outfit and danced her heart out. Lilly didn't want to be left out so she got her dress on and rolled around on the floor.

We crossed town and were soon back at Grams and Gramps' place. After a special meatloaf dinner (specially selected by Clara) Clara, Amy, Grams, and Gramps headed off to see a local production of the Wizard of Oz. I hung out while Lilly went to bed. Somehow I was still awake when they returned, though Clara had crashed out in the car.

Sunday morning we completely forgot about Daylight Savings Time. I was reminded of it while ordering at Starbucks. Lilly and I sat and enjoyed coffee and a donut. When we got back we started the packing that never ends. We had even more stuff than we brought down for some reason. Go figure.

Sierra and her parents, Shannon and Chris, came over for breakfast. By the time we actually ate, though, it was more like brunch. Of course it still felt like it was breakfast, but that's Daylight Savings Time for you. The girls had good time playing and Clara even shared her princess dresses. Heck, she hardly does that with Lilly.

The drive back was about the same as the drive down. The girls slept for much of it, but woke from time to time. We hooked Clara up to the iPod, but then Lilly woke up and wanted to watch, too.

Tokul has been essentially absent from this whole story because she spent much of the time either locked up in the car or the garage at Grams and Gramps while she slept off the hike on Friday. When we got home she popped out of her tiny space in the truck and ran around the house like mad. It was good to be home.

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