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Gear, gear, and more gear! (November edition)
posted by John : November 2, 2017
Once again, welcome to the wacky world of gear reviews. It's the good, the bad, and the what-the-heck? We have mostly winners this month so read on!

And just like usual, I received most of this gear for free. This post also includes links to purchase gear through various affiliates. If you buy there I'll get a commission, but it won't cost you anything.

Mountaineering: The Freedom of the Hills (9th Edition)

Of everything you'll bring on a mountaineering trip what will save you in the end is your knowledge. And all that knowledge doesn't weigh a single ounce! Well, not once you get it in your brain. And the best way to get it into your brain is by studying the mountaineer's bible. Get this book. Read this book. Love this book. Live this book. Get out there.


There are approximately one billion weather apps on the App Store so for one to stand out takes a fresh approach. WKNDWTHR (because vowels are expensive) flips the table to let the user determine what makes a good weather day. Pick a bunch of locations and define what's ideal across five dimensions (temperature, rain, snow, wind, and clouds). The app gets the forecast and scores each location based on your criteria. The app is just out of beta, but it's free and the future features look awesome.

DIRTYBIRD Energy Soaps

It's Monday morning and you spent all weekend on the trail. If you're like me you're tired and probably a bit stinky. What could get you going better than a shower that's caffeinated???? Does it really give you a jolt? Beats me, but the little hard bits (exfoliants, apparently) are a great scratch and wake me up. They also have soap to help you Recover and Relax, but come on... ENERGY!

Rad Dog Pocket Bowl

I'm not what you'd call the best rememberer. I've wound up at the trailhead without boots, without water, without... just about everything at one point or another. I do much better when I can just grab my pack and walk out. That means everything I need or might need has to be in the pack for pretty much every trip. Lightweight gear saves the day and this bowl for Treen is the lightest I've ever tried. It's under 1 oz (yup, one ounce) and folds down super small. Treen will never be without a food or water bowl again and I don't have to carry much if any additional weight.

Hydrant hydration mix

I'm a fan of being hydrated, but sometimes water is just so... plain. If I'm not on the trail I'm often hard pressed to actually drink enough. Sure, there are lots of hardcore mixes I could put into my water to make it tasty. I've certainly used lots of those in the mountains, but when you want just a little tint to your water that gives you what you need check out Hydrant. It's making its Indiegogo debut on November 8 so you can't get it right now, but you can help get its light lemon taste to market.

Base Camp Las Vegas: 101 Hikes in the Southwest

Did you know that all around the Las Vegas Strip there are adventure opportunities that nobody bothers with? It's true! But you don't need a guide to get you away from the slot machines, you just need this book. 101 hikes within driving distance and some seriously amazing spots within 45 minutes!

Do you have something you want to see in our next review? Drop me a note at

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