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Gear, gear, and more gear! (July edition)
posted by John : July 2017
There's so much gear out there it's hard to know what works and what doesn't. You can't be expected to try it all. But we can. Every once in a while folks send me stuff to try out so I can tell you whether it's worth your money or not. (Actually, I'm pretty sure they want me to tell you to buy everything, but if I did that you wouldn't believe me, would you?)

It kind of goes without saying, but I received this gear for free. This post also includes links to purchase gear through various affiliates. If you buy there I'll get a commission, but it won't cost you anything.

Source Outdoor Drinking Tube Kit with Sawyer Products Mini Water Filter

Phew. That's a mouthful. Just like the mouthful of clean water you'll get if you hook this up to your Source Outdoor Reservoir. The beauty of this filter is that you don't have to actually do any real work. Fill your reservoir with any old water and drink from the tube as you would. Sure, it's a little harder to pull a drink, but so convenient you'll quickly forget about that. (Don't have a Source Outdoor hydration system? Maybe you do. They provide the reservoirs for Deuter packs.)

WATERFLY Waterproof Sock

These socks are supposed to keep your feet dry even if they were submerged in a river. I used them on a couple of early season hikes including a May 4 trip that was the wettest I have ever been. Was it fair to test these socks in that environment? Nope. So I tried them on a snowy trip a week later. I'm bummed to say these socks didn't keep my feet dry. Warm, yes. Dry, no. Fellow hikers have told me the same about other brands. I put my faith in Gore-Tex boots rather than waterproof socks when the conditions are nasty.

ThunderSnap Quick-Connect Dog Leash

You didn't think we only tested human gear, did you? Nope! Treen got in on the action with a new leash. What could be new about leashes? The attachment! This leash has a "ThunderSnap cap" that clips to your dog's collar. On the end of the leash is a connector that locks into place through the magic of magnets. Disconnecting is easy with a slide-release mechanism. This worked great the first few times I used it, but the magnet in the cap is so powerful it found all the magnetic material from the river and jammed up the mechanism. Without a more powerful magnet I couldn't get the material out so the leash was effectively done for. Bummer. It was really cool.

Groove Ring Breathable Silicone Ring

Silicone rings are perfect when you want to leave your good rings at home so they don't get banged up or lost while you're out adventuring. These rings are "breathable" and designed to reduce moisture build up. I wore a "Thin" model for three weeks including fishing, hiking, and adventuring all around Washington, DC... in summer. It never felt hot and didn't stretch out. I even put it in the freezer to see how it would do in the cold and it was just fine. I like the heft of my metal wedding band, but when I travel abroad next year I'll switch back to the silicone ring.

Wicks Vision Strips

You never knew you needed a second set of eyebrows, but you do. You really do. Once you get past the goofy look you'll realize sweat isn't getting in your eyes anymore. They're actually the eyebrows you wish you had. They work under helmets and hats, too, so you have no excuse not to try them. And don't try to tell me you don't sweat.

Deuter Pulse 4 EXP Waistpack

Regular readers know we are Deuter Ambassadors so it shouldn't be any surprise there's a new pack in our quiver. I use this waistpack (it's NOT a fanny pack!) for short trips and when I'm traveling. It's big enough that I can fit a 1.5 liter reservoir in the pouch as well as my keys. The belt is solid enough that I can hang my DSLR off the side, too. The only real question: Does it make my butt look big?

Do you have something you want to see in our next review? Let us know by sending mail to

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