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Gear review and giveaway: Trail Dog First Aid Kit
posted by John : June 5, 2015

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Durable and waterproof

Treen says, "Don't forget to enter the contest at the bottom of the page."

Like with my kids, I've been very lucky adventuring with my dogs. In 15 years I've only had two instances where my four legged companion has been hurt.

In 2008, Tokul slipped and fell climbing Mt. Teneriffe. I think she was more shocked and stunned than injured, but we stopped the climb to head home.

In 2012, Treen ripped two pads off on an especially cold New Year's Eve snowshoe up Kendall Knob.

But as they say on investment ads, "Past Performance is No Guarantee of Future Results." That's why I carry tons of emergency gear even on relatively mellow hikes. (Here's what I carry.)

I've customized my "human" first aid kit over time to include some stuff to take care of my pup's problems, but it wasn't until I took a look at what comes in the Adventure Medical Kits Adventure Dog Series Trail Dog First Aid Kit that I realized I was coming up short.

What was I missing?

How about the triangular bandage for muzzling a wounded dog. Even my loving dog will revert to a more feral state when she's really hurt.

Or the irrigation syringe and saline wash? Given her proximity to the ground and brush she gets branchslapped way too often.

Or the elastic bandage? Or hydrogen peroxide? Or antihistamines?

Most of all it was the guide to pet first aid. I'm no veterinarian and I don't pretend to be so having a guide that gives me real instructions is really comforting. (After all, that's why I carry something similar for humans.)

Thankfully, this isn't a first-hand review. Although Adventure Medical Kits provided a kit for review I've never been in a situation where I needed a first aid kit for my dog. I hope I'll keep this kit in its waterproof bag until everything in it expires, but if I do need it, I'll be prepared.

(If the prospect of carrying a 0.75 pound kit for your dog is too much, check out the Adventure Dog Series Heeler First Aid Kit. Not as much stuff, but enough for a day hike.)

And now... the giveaway! Thanks to Adventure Medical Kits for providing a Trail Dog First Aid Kit to one lucky winner.

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