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Sometimes you kick. Sometimes you get kicked.
posted by John : March 22, 2014

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For the last 18 months Henry... er... Mr. HOS has been learning how to be a lethal weapon, but he hasn't been able to do more than break boards. The DMW annual sparring tournament was his time to kick some... of his fellow martial artists.

Mr. HOS looked nervous when he stepped in the ring for his first match. Each round was a minute long. When the ref signaled they should start he took a step forward and kicked. POINT! Two punches and another kick that connected with his opponent's chest protector. POINT! With each strike he grew more confident and aggressive.

Back in his corner he got advice form his coach. I don't know what was said, but he started the next round even more determined and aggressive. POINT! POINT!

After only two minutes the ref, standing between the two competitors, raised his arm over Mr. HOS. Winner! He looked up, smiled, bowed and shook hands. Then he ran back to his seat. It was the perfect way to start the day.

His next round started well, but his opponent was four belts higher than he was and seemed faster and stronger. Mr. HOS fell several times, but so did the other. The judges conferred a long time before finally naming his opponent the winner. Mr. HOS was crestfallen and slowly returned to his seat.

But all was not lost! He was 1-1 in block play and that qualified him to advance. He was matched against another Bodan (just below Black Belt). She was blocking and countering like she was going to win the whole tournament. Turns out she did, but not before defeating Mr. HOS.

While he was a little down he watched the final matches. While the older kids fought, he and I (and his friend James) went to Starbucks just around the corner. It's amazing what a cake pop will do to your attitude.

We got home and he was done for. More tired and drained than I've seen him in a long time. He didn't last long into the night.

When it was all over and he was in bed I couldn't help myself. I watched The Matrix. NEO's amazing and when he said he knew Kung Fu I couldn't help but smile. You see, Mr. HOS know's Kung Fu, too.

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