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Survivor: North Bend
posted by John : September 21-26, 2011

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It's not raining

The last thing I heard from Amy when she left for her parents' house on Tuesday night was, "Good luck. You're going to need it!"

Ha ha ha. Seriously. How hard could it be? I'm a capable guy, right? Plus, Amy promised to call every once in a while. Even though she was going to the surface of the sun (aka Phoenix) it wasn't really vacation. She was helping her mother try to get some work done down there.

While she was working there I was not working here. At least not in the office. Technically, it was vacation. I planned to make the most of my time off even if I was the only responsible "adult" to be found.

Wednesday morning I was thrilled to be out the door spot on time. Heck, we were waiting for the carpoolers instead of the other way around. Granted, I did get reprimanded for not pulling into the right spot in the drop-off lane at school, but otherwise I rocked it. Dropping off Henry went equally well and then I was off for a quick run up Little Si. Pick up the boy, nap, girls come home, dinner, bed, now I had tons of time. This mom thing ain't that hard.

Thursday morning, with Treen in the truck, we dropped the girls and Henry and I headed up the Middle Fork for a quick hike. It didn't rain and we were back in time for naps. Did I mention I'm pretty good at this stay at home dad stuff?

Oops. I forgot baths. Seriously, how stinky could they be?

Friday was another everybody goes to school and I run up Little Si kind of day. The weather was better, too. Apparently, Little Si is the official mid morning climb of the late 20s mom. I've never seen so many ladies on the trail. It made my bright red face and huffing and puffing a little more embarrassing than usual, but that's how it goes. I was early to get Henry and chatted with another dad at the preschool. I know. I talked to someone I didn't know. What the heck? Maybe I was a little starved for adult interaction? Dunno.

That afternoon I was tormented by three kids that didn't sleep and insisted on having personalities. Complaints ranged from "I want Mommy" to "I want Mommy!" to "I WANT MOMMY!" (This last was hardly intelligible due to the wailing.)

Early bed, but somehow I woke up several times throughout the night. Henry. (Go back to bed.) Lilly. (No, you can't get up. It's 2am.) Clara. (Are you kidding me? Get out!)

Saturday morning was an eight shot mocha kind of morning. But then we were off for a family hike. Rumor had it there was a great, little known route up the side of a mountain with killer views. Turns out, it was great and definitely little known. So little known there were times when we couldn't pick out the trail. And the view was indeed killer.

We had to be quick so Lilly could go to a party. Rather than go home I conned Clara and Lilly into running around like monkeys. Correction: Crazy monkeys. Good times.

Each night there was a different "challenge." This time it was dinner. Who knew the kids wouldn't like fancy food. Well, you'd think I would have figured this out after multiple culinary fails, but NOooooo. Perhaps I'll remember this for next time. (Not likely.) So I had a bunch of dinner and they had little. Surely, that won't bite me later. (Umm... yeah. It will.)

I had skipped the TNAB finale on Rattlesnake, but since there were letterboxes on the trail I figured we'd have a blast there. Plus, it wasn't raining. Yet. And later, it rained. The rain, compounded by a lack of calories from the night before, made for an interesting afternoon. And naps? HA! No naps, though I sure could have used one. I went to bed at 8:30.

Monday morning was awfully early. We wound up with bars in the car and were only a few minutes late. And Henry was feeling lousy. Or at least he said he felt lousy. Do I push him to go to school and hope for the best or do I play it safe? Suffice to say, I didn't want to be that guy so i took Henry home.

And then he got well. I got p0wned! So we watched Star Wars. I know, I know. I rewarded him for tricking me, but honestly, he's four. I don't think he really meant to do it. Plus, I like Star Wars.

Amy came home late. I was hardly coherent. I give. The kids had their way with me. I did ok for a few days, but then couldn't keep going.

Amy, I bow to you. Come home soon.

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