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posted by John : April 22-24, 2011

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Let me through

Easter's supposed to happen during Spring when the land is awakening reminding us of what has happened before. Except the west side of the mountains seemed determined to hold on to Winter for a while longer. Heck, they're forecasting snow in the lowlands in the last week of April. As much as I love the snow, this is going a bit far. I mean, come on. TNAB has had to reschedule a bunch already.

On the other side of the mountains, though, Spring seems like it's moving along right on schedule. At least for this weekend. The balsamroot was blooming and the number of sleeping deer along the road seem to indicate there's an awful lot of them all of a sudden and at least the sleepers might not have had too much wisdom.

We got a late start (well, duh) heading over and fought with traffic due to construction and overturned semis, but eventually made it all the way to Chelan. Whew. Heck of a drive, but still better than the boring drive to Portland. This way has mountains. (Yes, I know. Sometimes you can see Mt. St. Helens on the drive to Portland, but these are a little more approachable.)

Chelan was full of blue skies and kids out of control. We terrorized the house, Treen learned all about cats (in a mostly good way), Tokul hid in the downstairs, and Molly and I got sunburns. (Yeah! In April!) The park down the road was a big hit where we rolled down hills and threw the frisbee for the dogs. Yeah, dogs. As in Tokul wanted to play, too. Treen has brought some puppy back to the original puppy. It's wonderful to see.

The lake was way down so we spent some time on the exposed beach and found a billion shells and almost as much glass. Even though the sun was out we generally still had to wear coats, but it brought some hope back into our soggy spirits.

And yeah, we did the traditional Easter stuff, too. Mostly eating and egg hunting. I think the priest was a little miffed at the C&E crowd that was filling up his church without helping out much, but that's the reality of organized religion, I suppose. On the way back to the house the kids agreed they were very "eggcited" and that remained a refrain for much of the rest of the day. Even when their heads buzzed with chocolate and ham.

We feared a horrendous trip home, but made great time as the rain greeted us at Snoqualmie Pass reminding us that Spring ain't all blue skies. At least not yet.

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