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Family day
posted by John : December 6, 2010

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Sticky, stickier, and stickiest

After a busy and stressful weekend we decided we wanted to have a day to wind down a bit. Henry and Lilly had no school anyway and Clara had only a half day so we started by sleeping in. We're so ambitious.

Pictures with Santa went acceptably well. Henry balked at the last moment, but was at least in the picture. Of course, as soon as the picture was done, Santa hidden behind a wall, and he was rewarded with a candy cane he was all smiles. Silly monkey.

After a touch of shopping (it was Bellevue Square, after all) we headed back to the mountains to hunt the wily Christmas tree. Unlike in past years, when we were after the tallest, broadest, most impressive tree in the world this year we were in the market for a modest tree. A tree that was less of, "Look at me! Love me!" and more "Hi. How are you doing?"

The kids actually did a great job of looking at each tree. Clara found the winner first, but nobody else was convinced so we put Henry's hat on the tree wandered around a bit more. Up the hill, down the hill, over the bridge (twice), but nothing could compare so we were back to sacrifice the tree in the name of Christmas.

The kids each got a turn with the saw and cut a full blade's worth before they passed the cutting duties along. Of course, there was a massive "TIMBER!" when the diminutive tree fell. Since it wasn't a massive redwood they had brought down the little ones were responsible for carrying it back to the car. HA!

My job was to tie the tree to the truck. I used the normal method that works great for big trees, but wound up with a very loose tree on the roof. Thankfully, we were able to stick to back roads as I held the trunk through the sunroof.

At the end of the day we napped and relaxed and went to bed early. It was a great way to unwind and reset before yet another busy week. Maybe we should take all Mondays off...

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