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Hello, Thomas!
posted by John : July 10, 2010

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We are welcomed!

With 33% more children, twice the adults, and 100% more smiles this year's Day Out with Thomas was a buffer-busting success. It helps that Henry is quite a bit more into the whole really expensive tiny wooden train thing than the girls were, which is saying quite a bit. Since we bought the tickets in secret months ago he's somehow known something big was coming.

It's been four years since we went to see Thomas the Tank Engine in Snoqualmie. Lilly was just over a year and Clara was a little more than three. Looking at the pictures from last time show we might have been a wee bit early.

With older kids (and most importantly, the youngest kid older) we had a completely different experience. There was little encouragement needed for any of them to climb up on any of the old trains or go for a ride on the freaky little trolley. Henry did balk when it came to getting his picture taken with Sir Topham Hatt, but can you blame him? The guy's head is frickin' huge! Like a beat up potato on a toothpick! Wearing a hat! When's the last time a potato wore a hat?

Of course we rode the train "pulled" by Thomas. I don't want to spoil it for anyone, but it's a farce! Thomas is a little engine and is clearly too little to actually pull the entire train. I think Gordon was helping from the other side. I guess it's their willingness to help each other out that makes them so useful.

We got our "free" prizes for visiting all the booths, though "free" is a relative term when you have to buy tickets to get in. And, or course, we (NanaPapa) funded a visit to the gift shop. Amazingly, Henry opted for a shirt rather than a train. He wears it with pride just like I used to wear my Neil Diamond... er... Prince... er... Nine Inch Nails shirts the day after the concert.

By the end of the morning it was already pretty hot and we were wasted. Lunch and naps and then a complete rework of the train tracks in the living room before we booted the kids outside for some help in the garden.

Until next time: They're two they're four, they're six, they're eight; Shunting trucks and hauling freight; red and green and brown and blue; they're the really useful crew... (Yes, from memory. <shame>)

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