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Mother's Day
posted by John : May 9, 2010

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Mmm... tasty

Mother's day is usually one of those days when we do things that Amy like to do. Well, duh. Is that any big surprise? Let's see... what would Amy like to do?

Breakfast that she doesn't have to make? Ideal. Breakfast that I didn't make. Definitely. Breakfast with a never ending supply of bacon and brownies? Most assuredly. Well, whaddayaknow? Just down the road is the Riverbend Cafe. In spite of our poor associations with the location (formerly the wonderful Gordy's (yay!) who were run out by the building's owners (boo!) so they could try to open their own restaurant (double boo!) that then failed (yay!)) they put on a great Mother's Day brunch. Never mind the weirdness of the waffle lady saying hello to Henry and neither me nor Amy having any idea who it was. (Oh, yeah? You place the swim instructor when she's dressed in street clothes and not wearing a swim cap!)

Needless to say, the whole mouse thing has been a thorn in Amy's side. I'd found rumor that there was a vent under the bumper that might be an entry point. So Papa and I tore apart the bumper and lo and behold, there it was. The port had a rubber flap that probably served to keep cold air out, but did little to keep out anything else. We even found a bit of insulation in the area. So with a bit of creative fabrication we wrapped it in a quarter inch mesh that is all but guaranteed to keep anything out.

While we were doing that Amy and Nana took the kids for a hike.

Wait... What? Amy took the kids for a hike while I stayed home. Yeah. I know. It's not right. It's bizarro day. Anyway, from the pics it looks like they had a fun time going up to Tokul's Pool and back. Nana has expressed an interest to do more hiking and I've been reminded of several "death marches" I've led in the past. As if.

The kids actually chilled after all the excitement and Amy had some quiet time while we puttered around the yard.

Even though she opted to go hiking on Mother's Day I hope she doesn't think I'm going to want to go fabric shopping on Father's Day. Some things are just too weird.

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