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Moosefish Adventures 2009
posted by John : December 31, 2009
Did you know I was a math major in college? Did you know I took statistics? Did you know I named a computer system after one of my professors? If so, it shouldn't be that much of a surprise that I track the heck out of our adventures. (You know, the whole "total distance was foo and gain was bar" thing.) So here you go. The year in adventure.

20.9 miles and 3,993 feet of gain in seven adventures. We started the year right with a New Year's Day trip in Soaring Eagle Park even though we meant to go to Beaver Lake Preserve. It's not my fault the signs were lousy and the map was really old, was it? Since we started the year dodging birds of prey as they soared above us we continued by hunting them up on the Stilly with moderate success. It was the weakest month of 2009 in terms of both mileage and gain, but it was the best January on record. January is a tough month.

25.6 miles and 6,105 feet of gain in seven adventures. Same number of trips, but a bit more strenuous, but maybe too strenuous. Poor Josie fell/was pushed off a log and wound up having to get her ankle fixed surgically. Yeesh. Henry fared a bit better and managed to get to Turtle Rock all on his own. February set another monthly record, but its competition was pretty weak. (February 2006 was a zero-adventure month after I broke my ankle snowshoeing.)

Only 13.6 miles and 4,460 feet of gain in six adventures. Less than 20 miles in a month? Ick. Luckily, it'd be the only one of the year. Shoulder months are hard. March marked the end of the nightshoe season, but the beginning of the TNAB season. I also got to try out my new five-season tent (don't ask) on a winter overnight.

31.5 miles and 13,588 feet of gain in six adventures. Now that's more like it. The first 10k+ month of the year. The gain was mostly due to TNAB and a little extra effort. Rather than do the standard TNAB trip for Mt. Washington (the mountain behind our house) I walked out the front door and to the top without mechanical aid. Yee ha! April didn't set a record for mileage (that was back in 2006 with 51.3 miles), but did set a mileage record for April.

35.8 miles and 15,766 feet of gain in nine adventures. Picking up steam, huh? We did a bunch of trips in the Hancock Tree Farm, but even more with TNAB. Best May ever? Nope. 2006 beat it for mileage (stupid 2006), but it was tops for May in elevation gain. Confusing, huh?

58.5 miles and 23,181 feet of gain in 11 adventures. Take that 2006! Amy started working on weekends and that meant the kids were at my mercy. Plus it was Father's Day. Suckers. We played both sides of the mountains and got the expected weather on each side. Poor Tokul was wiped out, but I was on the move again scouting a new area for the girls. New mileage and gain records for June and an all-time record for gain! (Don't be too excited, it ain't gonna last.)

72.3 miles and 24,094 feet of gain in 13 adventures. Gotta love Summer. TNAB, Lilly's first overnight, my first roped climb, and a combo fishing and hiking trip in the northeast of the state. Whoa! It was record setting all the way around and don't expect that record to fall any time soon.

47.8 miles and 20,534 feet of gain in 11 adventures. A third month of 20k+ feet of gain and my first (Washington) volcano summit. There's only peak higher in the state, but that will have to wait until 2010 (at least). In the meantime I went looking for new TNAB routes and dragged the kids back to Mount Rainier yet again. July last year was better for mileage, but there hasn't been a bigger gain total for July.

51.4 miles and 12,839 feet of gain in 10 adventures. It was an end to the 20k+ gain months, but had enough other highlights to make up for it. Like... fishing and hiking in Alaska and a gorgeous Fall day in MRNP and Clara's most ambitious overnight ever... even if there were no goats. It was a record setter for mileage, but not gain. Hmph.

22.6 miles and 6,199 feet of gain in six adventures. Less than 10,000 feet of gain? Single digits adventures? It's the shoulder season again. Rain, but no snow. At least not any snow down low. We found some on our last trip into MRNP for the year and the girls proved they are serious hikers. We also had a new acronym: MAAD - Moosefish Adventures After Dark. Even though it was low for stats it was a record for October.

23.2 miles and 9,631 feet of gain in five adventures. A bit of a rebound, but lousy weather hindered any real epicness. Third time was a charm looking for Cave Ridge, but at quite a cost. Tokul had been getting progressively worse after hard trips and the vet told us to chill it out. Now she gets injections to help her out and she's limited to shorter trips at least through the winter. That didn't stop us from taking her on another Hancock adventure, but did prevent her from joining on a powder fest at the Pass. November set no records. Perhaps with better weather we'll see improvement next year.

38.3 miles and 13,490 feet of gain in eight adventures. We rallied to the end, especially when I realized I was just a few days short of 100 for the year and 150,000 feet of gain for the year. The snow was still pretty weak, but we made the best of it with an icy attempt on Bandera, a successful blue-sky summit on Arrowhead, and a wonderful way to wrap up the year at Franklin Falls. No records, but good times all around.

It's an adventure report, so how could I not give total totals? I finished with 100 days on trail covering 441.3 miles and 153,880 feet of gain. No, your math isn't wrong. That's about an adventure every thee days on average. Special thanks to Amy for putting up with me and the kids for suffering along with me and all the other fools who accompanied me when they could have been elsewhere.

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