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Hyak with Ellie
posted by John : November 29, 2009

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I went to high school with Shane, then he got married, moved away, had a kid, blah blah blah. Now he, Erica, and Ellie are back. While in New York snow was a hassle (or so they claim, how could it really be?) so they didn't go out to play. As a dedicated snow-nut I felt it was my responsibility to remind them how much fun it can be.

Of course, that requires the snow be at least decent, right? How could that be a problem on the last weekend of November? After all, we'd already had two excellent adventures in the snow this season. Except then it started raining. Blech. The snow, what little there was, was now either gone or almost gone. The forecast called for continued warm and wet weather at the Pass, but plans are plans, dang it!

So we all piled into the truck. Yeah, eight of us. Plus boots and coats and sleds and everything else. I think Shane and I might have been comfy in our relatively isolated front seats. Erica was sandwiched between Ellie and Henry. Poor Amy had to enter through the trunk and climb over the back seat to sit with Clara and Lilly. (Now, before you start with the accusations of macho-pigheadedness that has the ladies sitting in the back just know I had nothing to do with that decision.)

It rained a bit on the way up, but was miraculously clear when we arrived and spilled out. We stayed on the little kids' hill because there was only one sketchy run down the big hill with any snow left and it was packed. I did a couple of starter runs to pack the snow and then we let the kids go at it. They weren't shy. Everyone wanted to slide on every run. We had two sleds, but that wasn't nearly enough. We were at it for almost two hours. It never rained and the sun actually popped out for a moment. Amazing.

When we finally left we had a few grumbles due to the "short" duration of the trip, but for the most part it was good. Soup and chili made us feel better at home (well, me at least) and then we hung out for a good long while before the adventure ended.

Zero distance, but a couple of feet of gain up and down the hill. I guess that means the feet/mile ratio is undefined, but it was still good.

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