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Portland for Grandma Bev's 80th
posted by John : July 31 - August 5, 2009

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Prolific bunch, aren't we?

Wow. Didn't we just get back from Chelan? I guess this is why summer around here is so short. If it was any longer we'd burn ourselves out.

In fact, I had been back from Chelan long enough to get a couple of nights on the trail and to work a full week. Amy came back on Wednesday with the kids, unpacked, and repacked to leave Friday morning with Nana. Amy's father and I would leave after work to join up with the family down south. (The drive, oh that nasty drive. Why do we keep driving that way? Wouldn't it be better to go east of the mountains?)

Saturday was picture day, at least to start. Like any family of 3,000 pictures lasted for quite a while. The kids did quite well. Nobody fell in the pond or picked up goose poop (that we know of) and I think I might have been caught in a picture with an actual smile. Of course, that picture will probably be tossed since Nana's eyes were likely closed.

After pictures we went to Uncle Larry's pool. It was freakin' hot, but the water seemed to soothe the beasts. Clara is comfortable enough in the water (and we are with her abilities) that she was given free reign to move about the small pool with a floaty. Lilly was a bit more constrained and Henry had to be watched constantly given his penchant for randoming running along the edge and jumping in. The older he gets the more we're convinced there's a fundamental difference between boys and girls. (Or at least between him and the rest of humanity. Maybe he's an indigo child or maybe just male.)

We retreated to Shannon and Chris' house (Shannon is Amy's cousin) for dinner and cake. The kids ran around in circles (clearly chlorine poisoning, that's why I never go in pools) while we either tried to ignore them or tame them. Neither approach was terribly successful. After the kids went down Amy and I disappeared for a few minutes of quiet time at the mall, but failed to find whatever it was we were looking for.

Sunday we were on display for Grandma Bev at church. The peace and quiet of the sanctuary was neither peaceful nor quiet from the moment we got there until they kicked us out for yet more cake. Nothing like sugar to settle the little ones. Uncle Boppi helped put them in their place by spinning them round and round in the courtyard, though. With all the blood in their feet they seemed placated for at least a few moments.

That was about it for me. It was to be a short trip for me since I had to head back north with Amy's parents on Sunday to be at work on Monday. (And, of course, do a bit of exploring and newtorking.) I hear Amy and the troop of monkeys relocated from Shannon and Chris' house to Paul/Rose/Goggi's place for the next few days and even made it to the zoo and finally home on Wednesday. Surprisingly, there was no "next trip" to pack for and we were able to just chill out for a few days.


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